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Thread: parts of minimap gone missing

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    Default parts of minimap gone missing

    I closed a window (feat-tree iirc) that had placed itself over the minimap a little and this happened:

    what is it? videocard-issue or something with prefs? I also can't save keybind-settings.

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    I've never encountered / heard of that kind of issue with part of the UI disappearing. A wild guess is it may have something to do with the low resolution you play the game at, but that doesn't sound very convincing to even myself. Maybe someone else has seen this issue before.

    At the very least, I expect you could type "/reloadui" in chat and get it fixed if it happens again. Zoning would probably work too.

    As for your settings not saving, that is a known issue, widely discussed on these forums.

    This newer thread has a more condensed discussion, mostly correct:

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    zoning doesn't fix it. Weirdest bug ever

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    Try to delete the xml file related to the minimap. The launcher will download a new one for you.

    I can't help with the location of the said file, Im not home. Sorry.

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