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Thread: T5 Kyllikki tactic

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    Default T5 Kyllikki tactic

    T5 Kyllikki Unchained
    Disclaimer: The following is the tactic we use in Tainted Souls, the information may be missing some details and may contain errors.

    Raid setup:

    2 tanks and 3 healers (with decent survivability and good heal rating) to stay on the boss at all times
    4 tanks (preferably 3 being desecration DTs) and at least 2 healers for the Sons of Winter
    1 tank for the Wolf of Jari

    Room layout:

    As you enter the room, the boss is standing in the middle of the room, and 3 altars, one to the left (altar 1), one at the back (altar 2), and one to the right (altar 3).

    The boss:

    Kyllikki is standing inside a large cross. When you’re inside the cross you’ll receive a buff called Northern Cross, and when you are out of it you’ll lose it. This buff is required to have aggro on the boss, if you exit the cross and lose the buff with aggro, she will do a room wide AoE and wipe the raid.

    She casts this to call for different weapons and change the phase, this changes her damage attacks and buffs on the Sons of Winter.

    Phase 1:
    Cleave of the Northern Wastes: A large cone dealing heavy slashing damage.
    Phase 2:
    Blade of the Dark Sun: A 360 degree unholy AoE.
    10000 health tap buff.
    Phase 3:
    Fury of the Sleeping Stars: A slashing attack targeted on the 2 highest on the aggro list.
    Time Fades Away: Bomb on the highest on aggro that deals a huge amount of unholy damage, detonates after 25 seconds but is cast every 14 seconds, it doesn’t stack so it’s possible for only one bomb to go through by keeping one tank ahead of the other on aggro. Can be removed at altar 1 or more safely, taken with abilities to soften the damage (such as cunning deflection, blessed conquest, strike and guard etc).

    Surrounded by Darkness:
    This is cast 75%, 60%, 45%, 30% and 15%. Tornadoes will move around the room, and need to be avoided, if you are hit by one you will leave a large ice patch AOE on the floor.

    Deep Freeze: A -90% healing modifier debuff cast only on healers, remove at altar 3.
    Beautiful Death: An unholy DOT cast on someone who is outside the cross, remove at altar 2.
    Snow and Sorrow: Cast on the farthest person away, leaves an ice patch AOE on the floor.

    Wolf of Jari:

    Deals physical damage, and hits quite hard, casts 4 minions quite often which need to be quickly dealt with. Tank the wolf wherever the most DPS is so minions will be splashed quickly or minion killed, and the wolf will take splash damage. Killing the wolf reduces Kyllikki’s mitigation for about 20 seconds until she spawns a new one.

    Sons of Winter:

    2 of these mobs appear from the entrance door every 30 seconds, and should be picked up as they spawn by a tank waiting (this is generally a 3 tank rotation, but the 4th is needed occasionally when all other tanks are occupied).

    They have a buff on them which changes based on the bosses phase, and taking them to the correct altar debuffs them with -50% damage multiplier and -75% damage mitigation (this is why it’s a job made for DTs).

    Phase 1/debuff at altar 1:
    If any are killed on this phase the entire raid will take an unholy damage hit and receive a negative heal modifier debuff, which is difficult to recover from, so none should be killed on this phase.

    Phase 2/debuff at altar 2:
    This is main phase for DPSing them, all the DPS should go to the altar and kill all incoming mobs.

    Phase 3/debuff at altar 3:
    The mobs deal retributive damage, but are safe to be DPS’d and killed. We have the demos on them during this phase and the rest of the DPS on the boss, but occasionally need to call in extras to kill them before the phase change, so work out how many you need there.
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    You can ask a soldier to turn the destroyer in the right direction before add team ports.

    Add team has to burn augmenter's last 25% in less than a second (ish).

    Edit: sorry too.

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