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Thread: End the Endless Endgame Grind

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bibik View Post
    Difference is you don't itemize the same a dungeon than a raid. I'm surprised you missed that point ;o
    Dungeon instance = 90% blue vendor trash+some bags/boxes with Moonspills and Fine Quartz dust. Oh, yes, don't forget thoses minipets.
    And 10% epic with dungeon stat budget (= same as we had with Kithaï/DS). What the point of needing 2 time more people to do that dungeon if you gain exactly the same as doing K-6 ?

    Raid instance is epic gear, with better stat budget. Much more appealing, especially if the goal is to give something to do to medium/small-sized guilds which can't do 24-man raid.

    Unless they might consider adding a middle-stat budget between dungeon and raid gear ?
    the factions epic and unchained gear has already better stats than t3 and very close to t4/t5...
    so we already have those middle-stat budget...
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    The grind is not that bad anymore. Pvp-wise with the events it's really next to nothing to go from 1-7 in no time. PvE, it's really not all that bad up to t4. You can fully k6 yourself in a week or less if you have a ton of veteran tokens, if not, it's still fast compared to what it used to be. There are a bit too much tokens in the game generally, but you acquire them reasonably fast if you belong to the right guilds or have a robust friends list.

    The grind could be shorter, but it's better than what it used to be. Now, if you think you can grind it out solo, well, there you might be right about it taking forever. You need to play with other people for it to be short. That's kind of the point of a MMO though, isn't it.
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