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    Is there an way to make macro wich makes you change weapon and action bar at the same time? so that u may change from 2h to x2 1h and to action bar 2 or 1 at the same time? or can this be done in crontroles, so that you can chage fast to fear and so on with out spamming so many buttons.

    And one more thing wich is best t2 pvp wep 2h mace or sword combat rating vs cc/dmg

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    There are binds for changing to different actiobars yes. Under controls at the bottom of Actionbar you have Action Page 1-10. Make a bind for the one with the fear and then make a bind for switching weapons which is shift + r by default. Once you have these two bind you can make a macro for pressing both buttons at once if you download some macro software or if you have macrokeys on your keyboard. Ofcourse you would have to make a reverse script to switch back.
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