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Thread: Mister Clean Corruption 2 UI

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    Default Mister Clean Corruption 2 UI

    Please Mr Clean...fix this UI. I have provided the link to the original 2011 file.

    You will be my hero and many others I am sure!!!

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    Hey! I would do it, no problem, but my german is a bit rusty and your link doesn't seem to work ^^

    Also could you tell me exactly what you want? I imagine that the top bar menu doesn't work and I will fix it with the corruption skin (or something similar if I have do recreate it ), but is there anything else not working ?

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    The link works to download the Corruption file now.

    The Feat window is the only thing I can find not working.

    Other than that, I am not sure of what to add or not. Surprise us!
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    LAST UPDATE 08/06/2016

    >>>>>DOWNLOAD CORRUPTION 2016<<<<<

    I have added a few options (bold purple font, new emote window, purple mouspointers and new directional shields, Yorgomir's Waypoints, Brighter menu buttons), updated the topmenu (I couldn't match the exact same colors but it looks ok), corrected the black dmg numbers and changed the f10 menu a tiny bit.

    -Download Corruption 2016
    -Download AoC UI installer and install it. Run it as administrator, select the correct paths, choose the options you like and then click on "install".
    -Go to your game directory Age Of Conan/data/gui/Aoc and run "aoc.exe" (© Foxcat) as administrator. You'll get a popup saying "activated"
    -Run the game as administrator.

    I hope it works 100%. Let me know if you encounter any issue.


    One screenshot with purple font option activated:

    Available Bottombars:

    Mouspointers (optional):

    Emotewindow (optional):

    However, I'm sorry, I think I have changed the whole textcolor.xml. I hope you won't struggle with the chat colors :/ I will change it if you really want to.
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    Nice, will check it out, been editing my old version since 2011ish.
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    Fix the purple and il use it, nice work.
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    featwindow error remove:
    open: \Funcom\Age of Conan\Data\Gui\Customized\Views\MainGUI
    doubleclick on "MainSplitView.xml" and have look for these lines:

    HTML Code:
    <SidepanelTab name="SPTabFeats" 
    		      gfx_inactive       = "../../Customized/gfx/COR/sidebars/tab/top/tab_feats.tga"
    		      gfx_left_active    = "../../Customized/gfx/COR/sidebars/tab/top/tab_feats_left.tga"
    		      gfx_right_active   = "../../Customized/gfx/COR/sidebars/tab/top/tab_feats_right.tga"
    		      gfx_active         = "../../Customized/gfx/COR/sidebars/tab/top/tab_feats_hover.tga"
    		      gfx_inactive_h     = "../../Customized/gfx/COR/sidebars/tab/top/tab_feats_hover.tga"
    		      gfx_left_active_h  = "../../Customized/gfx/COR/sidebars/tab/top/tab_feats_left.tga"
    		      gfx_right_active_h = "../../Customized/gfx/COR/sidebars/tab/top/tab_feats_right.tga"
    		      gfx_active_h       = "../../Customized/gfx/COR/sidebars/tab/top/tab_feats_hover.tga"
    		      view_tooltip_text  = "&lt;localized token=TabFeatsTooltip&gt;"
    		      hotkey      = "Toggle_SP_Feats"
    		      left_module  = "FeatPlanner"
    		      right_module = "FeatPlanner"

    look at the left_module and right_module in which has to be written FeatPlanner
    and the featwindow works.

    i think i´ll take your emote window and put it into my corruption II(looks good). i have also put in an achievement button right after release. so its up to date^^
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    Well, unless you alt+left click, it works ^^

    Edit: thx a lot! It is not what I really wanted to do but I was too tired to spend more time on it unfortunately
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    Quote Originally Posted by MisterClean View Post
    purple is optional
    Oh yes! saw that now, looks good
    Moriala - The Ivory Tower

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