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Thread: Crafting Barbarian armor

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    Default Crafting Barbarian armor

    Is there any way to craft barbarian armor ? I have completed my armorsmithing (I am level 40) and my recipe book only list light armor that has wisdom built into it. There is no other light armor listed.

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    There is no light armor with strenght to craft, it never was there. Not sure why, maybe FC forgot about it but you probably have to go along with dropped armor.

    Though nn level 80 there is barb armor for crafting, but it's a culture set (I think) and the recipie is pretty rare.

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    Barbarian culture armor are all rare drop recipes and "Oiled" set i totally bad for barb, so as one solution is craft Assasin gear set pieces that do not have combat rating dagger specified. The armor loss is not great deal but dps is significant on them. Other way - ask in Global for crafters of Barb gear providing them with materials and/or look on the trader (but prices on it are always insanely high).

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