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Thread: Capture Skull Pick-Up Bug

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    Default Capture Skull Pick-Up Bug

    There's quite an annoying bug been around for some time now whereby people become immune from interruption-by-damage when picking up the skull.

    I've never managed to do it, nor tried, but it can be ex***ed to make losing a minigame impossible.

    I've had countless minigames where we fought for 20 minutes straight and the flag was at the enemies res and they just resurrect and pick up...

    You CAN cc them as I used stun and a KB then I'm unable to stop them. The enemy can pick up and pick up and pick up until the game ends and you cannot turn the game around.

    3 times in my last mini they did this, we dropped a stronger enemy team's flagger and they picked using this bug 3 times and we lost. Unable to interrupt the person picking. NO THEY DID NOT HAVE BUBBLES.

    Game breaking bug as it directly effects the outcomes of games...
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    I think Norther made a video about it on TL forums. Afaik it's just some random bug but I really don't know much about it. It's completely retarded for sure.

    All I can say is I don't remember ever seeing it happen on my guard (though it probably has) and I've flagged a lot on that thing, always pissed me to see other people doing it lol
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    It's old thing, but was rare before. Nowadayds its everywhere, and happens like in every mini to several people, same problem with PvP Festival event - Field of Slaughter, no damage interrupt while capping, i think they just broken something that responsible for objects interaction mechanics.
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