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    Good Class AA for solo gameplay

    Vision of the Sky
    Improved Manifestations

    Stall the Advance
    Improved Guard Destroyer
    Improved Last Stand

    Void of Madness
    Death lord
    Sanguine .......
    Mastery Soul for feast
    Prowess Soul for feast

    Battlefield Commander

    At the Agtes
    Without warning

    Cover of Dusk
    Sins of flesh

    Red Shadow of Xotli
    Enslaving Fire
    Improved Demon forms
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    Manifestation of forest > Combo > Manifestation of Sun
    Keep Internal bleed on CD

    Use Stall the Advance at the start of fight
    StA > Guard Destroyer > Stormstrike > Reckoning

    Use Slam for VoM proc
    Use Martydom

    GoDS > Retaliation > feint Attack > HoFS > Throat Slash

    Haste + Too Many to count + Thirst for blood for dps buff
    Use Swarm Fighter at 70%HP against multiple mobs
    Clobber > Staggering Blow> Upheavel

    Use Cover of Dusk > Cats Paws
    Use Kidneys Shots > Crystalized lotus Extract > Avatar of Death
    Start fight with Grim corruption

    Start fight with Pheonix cloak
    Use mana pots along with Demons Maw
    Keep Exultation of Xotli on CD
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    I wanted to look up your HoX-build but discovered there is a space of the first line that f**s up the import.
    Better use the short url that is offered:

    Comment on that build:
    Too many points in Xotli's Vengeance, you (usually) won't build a 5 stack when solo.
    Too little points in Flame Tongue, this one you can pre-load to 5 stack when you expect a heavy fight.
    Spitfire for solo? Reduces incoming(!) heal on the target.
    Full Fury of Xotli will reduce the need for pots significally!
    Phoenix Wings and Improved Phoenix Cloak: Only useful in certain fights like Statues on Island of Iron Statues, not needed for normal solo fights.
    Full Horrible Visage of Xotli is debattable for solo-questing (even in khitai)

    Move 1 point from Spreading Flames to Flame of Xotli
    Get full Flaming Hatred and Searing hatred!
    (PoIF is your hardest hitting combo, the faster you can use rank III and II again (no shared cooldown!!!) the better).
    Buff up uor white hits/combo's with full Butcher.
    Gett full Damning Eloquence since there is no one to do your debuffing for you.

    So my solo build looks something like this:

    Start fight with Flame Lash or Hellstep
    After Hellstep: Demon Maw and Dessecrating Essence.
    HfB, BtD, HfB, PoIFIII, HfB, PoIFII, HfB, Btd, HfB, Fire Lance, HfB, HS, HfB, BtD, HfB ..........
    If there are many mobs use inferno asap when Flame Lash Stack is at 8 or more.
    Keep Avatar + Exultation for emergencies

    Red SoX is the one you absolutly need.
    Also needed : Improved PoIF and Improved Demon Forms
    Good to have for solo: Expanded Inferno Curse (NPC's will hit a little less hard!)
    Xiuhcoatl, Xipil, Udiya, Zhoerong lvl 80 HoXes .... multi-speccing?
    Gorgophone lvl 80 Barb, Kheiron lvl 80 PoM (Heal?), Uruloki lvl 80 Demo (Nub), Berenike lvl 80 Conq (retired.) All raised on Hyrkania RP-PVE (R.I.P.) server.

    [undisclosed] lvl 80 HoX (!), Marbhaisgort lvl 80 Necro (fresh), Chahwuk (ToS)/Merav(Necro) lvl5x (for when I get to do Purist-achievements) Cromites.

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    Yes full PC is for Turan pack
    Inferno is for Drostan
    It helps with rats
    I think u r right about Xotli's vengeance
    I will change the build
    Edit I will update the rest build links later
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    You should change the build links so that people can actually click a link and view them without copy and paste.

    For guards, I am not a fan of STA for solo but I guess it depends on what your AAs are. Counterweight is much better.

    Playing solo is about using CCs properly honestly, it seems nobody likes to spec them. Also favoring dps over too much defense.
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