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Thread: Standart UI is moving!

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    Exclamation Standart UI is moving!

    I'm playing on Vista64, nvidia GeForce GTX 560 - latest drivers

    my problem is that the toolbar of the standart UI is moving during fights! to show what I mean I made a screenshot from my TOS - Toolbar.

    Is there any way to fix this? (Without using customized UI's from somewhere)

    I don't know how this can happen... I mean this is the standart UI - the game is 7 years old, right?

    pls. see attached pic, thx
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    is this happening to you when you target an NPC or a player with a long name?
    or very buff on him?

    can you make me see the names you target (the screenshot in full)
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    Maybe it has something to do with the buffs your enemy takes.
    You could place the timerbars a bit above.
    Btw: why dont you delete the melee hitbuttons 1-2-3?

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    That's an old bug, something to do with the amount and and size of the buffs/debuffs, if you target yourself or someone with few buffs it will go away. I think the option "let buffs automatically resize" helps a lot but I don't use that though and just deal with it.
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