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Thread: Black text everywhere, cannot see anything!

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    There's a TextColors.xml file in data\gui\default folder. You can maybe copy it to \gui\customized folder and modify the color code number things in it but I don't know if that's all it takes or not (and none of them are set to black anyway). Custom UIs are in their own subforum, you might try installing one of those.

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    Ok, enough is enough. My co-workers have moved on and don't want to here anything more about this game. So, they will never be back, they say " until they fix the color issue".

    I've tried everything suggested including altering the textcolors.xml file. ALL text in the game is black and we cannot see it on the dark backgrounds. In my home I have 3 AMD computers and one Intel with mixed video cards. This game is the same on all of them. Someone said there is no black text in the game. Well, there are 6 people at least that disagree. Thats also 6 people that will not be subscribing until it's fixed.

    I'm not bitter, just disappointed. From what I "can" see, it's fun and I would have loved to give it a try for a while. I've uninstalled AoC on all computers and may try again in a few months or so. Everyone enjoy the game and thanks for trying to help.

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    Good attempt vali. Too bad you never delivered on the pictures but then again you've never delivered before either .

    I'm calling this whole thread as a troll thread until pictures have been provided
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fass View Post
    I'm calling this whole thread as a troll thread until pictures have been provided
    Yesss, first it was his family then his co-workers. XD
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    Very strange!
    I live in Brazil, I use the AOC in Spanish, have used the original skin, already used the stonerune UI and currently use the UI Strange and never had problems with the game fonts! already installed this game in ten different computers and never had this problem !!!
    Not wanting to doubt our colleague angry, but I doubt it is very strange that he speak so ill of the game and even post a screenshot of the problem! seems to be just (pardon me for speaking) hoax!

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    only to complement: the average latency here in my city (backlands of Brazil) is 180 to 295 (and I can still play good)! my son got to play (with graphics at least, of course, and quite crashes) in a basic notebook without dedicated graphics card, Semprom processor and 2GB of ram and, in four years we never had or witnessed as bizarre story like this!! no pictures proving or better game playing on youtube (images can be manipulated) can not believe it's true!

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    Troll? No I'm not. And yes, it's my family AND co-workers. Most of the others have moved on. Look, I'm just trying to figure this out. If someone can tell me how to attach pics, I'll be more than happy to. I have the screen caps but the forum won't let me post. Apparently F2P cannot attach pics?

    I'm just trying to fix this so we can play. Now everyone is calling this BS. I hate Trolls also and I'm just looking for help, but if everyone thinks I'm a troll and this is a hoax, then so be it. I have no other way to prove this and I'll just move on also. Too bad, I really liked the game. Sorry to have wasted everyone's time.

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    Yea! Someone suggested using this service to post the images. Seems it worked. See if you can see these pics.

    These are just a few going into the game. However, the black text persists throughout the game.
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    I have played this game on 5-6 different computers at least since 2008 and never seen this before.

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