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Thread: Strange UI 2016

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    Quote Originally Posted by fizzelopeguss View Post
    I'm beaten. Uninstalled, reinstalled, unactivated, reactivated, deleted aoc.exe from reg edit. Just can't get yogormirs waypoints working again after a bad game crash.
    I'm still around, although not that often anymore. There are 2 things you can try with Aoc.exe enabled.

    1) Go to your ./data/gui/aoc folder and delete Aoc.log, if it exist. Then try and start the game.
    2) If first thing didn't work, hold down SHIFT+F8 when you launch the game, to invoke the patcher. It should fix any UI inconsistencies.

    The latest version of Aoc.exe generate a log file in your main Age of Conan folder named Aoc.txt. Start Age of Conan with Aoc.exe enabled, as far as you can get, before the error message, then close the game again (if it ever got to launch) and copy the content of Aoc.txt and sent it to me in a PM here, then we'll try and figure it out.


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    Heyyy nice to see you around!

    Thank you very much for the help

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    Quote Originally Posted by MisterClean View Post
    On another note, I updated the ui:
    -F2P can now see their savings
    -Option: 10x5 bank display
    Thank you for update. I might be installing wrong, but 10x5 bank option does not work for me. Still shows 12 slots in a row.
    Before installing i deactivated Aoc.exe, deleted folder Aoc located in Gui, also deleted the contents of Customized folder in Gui.
    Do i need to clean up anything else before installing? Guild bank shows correctly as having 10x5 slots, but not personal bank....

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    I am not at home this week end but I will investigate asap. Thx for the report

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    How do I remove the flash cast bar, but keep the regular, in-game cast bar?

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    Hey! Thank you for using Strage UI!

    You can click the OFF button in the emote window or type "/option castbar false" in the chat

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    Thanks! Mr. Clean great UI, btw. I have tried that and it doesn't work.

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    Then you can go in age of conan/data/gui/aoc/ and delete the whole castbar folder. it should do it

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    I just fixed the bank display options 10x5 and 25x12

    Sorry for doing this so late.

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    I have a problem with the sweetfx. I cannot launch the game because it keeps doing this error
    If I rename dxgi.dll to dxgi.bak, I can get to the game but obviously the sweetfx doesn't work then anymore. I use DX10 client to launch the game as admin. I also have all the directx drivers installed.
    Sometimes on DX9 client I can get past the error window if I spam ok.
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