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Thread: Game Director Letter - March

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    Default Game Director Letter - March

    My other main reason for the trip to visit the team in the US and Canada is because I have been moved into a different role in Funcom.... ~ JOEL
    See ! You drove him away. You pestered him so much about getting the letter out ... HE QUIT!

    You should be ashamed of yourselves.



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    ****!!! I really like Joel Bylos as GD.

    Sad to see him go, which I guess he sort of is?
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    I guess another farewell is in order.

    Thanks Joel for understanding the needs of this game better than your predecessor. Also thanks for letting your team (Cirith and Pyzerius) engage with the community, which really worked wonders.

    It's unfortunate that this change in focus happened at a point when the resources available for this game allowed you to take only very small steps. I'm sure you know that this is the main reason for the rather pugnacious (sometimes even hostile) attitude on these forums. But in the end, you just have to love us - not only because we forums dwellers care for AoC, but also because we keep paying your bills
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    It's not like they're putting him out to pasture. Nevertheless, bummer. I liked Bylos, he was pretty good at dealing with players and he didn't make any major mistakes with game directorness (not that he had much space to move around in).

    Hopefully next one will be equivalently skilled at not screwing up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rathothis View Post

    Thanks Joel for understanding the needs of this game better than your predecessor. Also thanks for letting your team (Cirith and Pyzerius) engage with the community, which really worked wonders.
    agreed,best thing that happened to AoC, although sadly very late......lets hope the team keeps pushing things to live, cause seriously all i see is people leaving(or reallocating )

    Anyways Bylos best regards and wishes for future plans.
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    Looking forward, the roadmap for Age of Conan in 2015 starts with a focus on the arena we have announced. We’ll roll this out over a couple of updates, starting with the solo pvp and the pet fighting mechanics, followed later by the team version. The reasons for this are fairly simple, a scripted system works perfectly for the small scale PvP and PvE components, but for the larger team content we will need code resources to reliably control team signup.
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    Default Very best wishes, Joel


    I wish you the very best in your new position at Funcom, and thank you for all that you and your team brought to the game. I look forward to reading Sezmra's letters and hearing from the Live Team as they move forward.

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    Joel is gone. It's sad.

    However, if I understand it correctly, devs intend to allow us to wear more various weapons ?

    Does it mean (hypothetical example) that my conq could get a polearm? Or a shield ?
    Or, more likely, crossbow combos ?

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    Great so the one guy who actually tried to get Rage transfers/Merges in order is leaving, i fear we will never see them now, as much as it sucks how painfully long this is taking i fear that's the final nail in the coffin of transfers , Finally time to dust of the PS4 and move on...

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