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    Default windows 8.1

    i get an update 2 days ago from microsoft with out want it and i get windows 8.1.from this moment i cant play my conan .
    i download the pach then i go to characters screen then i click log but i return to user name and code page with amessage "look your firewall settings'.i have disable firewall, i start again user name code then character screen then click to log in and i get amessage "try to log in" then the try finish with out succes i return to user name and code page i start again the same character page then log in and i start the game when i try to join mini or change playfield game disconect and i return to user name and code page.always the same steps.and when i quit game i cant conect in internet too.
    GUYS i post this here no for blame conan or funcom but cause i think that for the reason the game have low population is no funcom is some stupit international companies like microsoft who have billions and **** the others for more money ,im ahardcore player for our conan and i will get the solution i will give money BUT for regular players this is no an option they will quit the game ,AND IS NO FUNCOMS AND CONANS FAULT IS ****ING MICROSOFTS FAULT .we want from the game more and more but we dont see that fom this game and other good games the ****ing giants like microsoft make billions.
    anyway sorry for my anger funcom guys but pls dont change my language.(and sory for my english)
    the same problems in my laptop after this ****ing 8.1 update.
    sorry again from the gm who read but pls dont change my words for the ****ing microsoft.
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    Default Hopefully you resolve your issues

    I have been using 8.1 since I bought my new computer last year and have never had a problem. In fact I wish I had bought a new computer a long time ago. Between new components (mostly SSD) and DX10 I couldn't be happier with the way things are performing AOC wise.
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    I've been using windows 8.1 since it was released on my gaming computer, and it works fine with AoC. Most likely just your computer(s) that are messy.
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    Open device management and uninstall your network adapter. Do a reboot, and your computer will find new hardware and reinstall the driver.

    If that doesn't work, you should look at the driver version and if there is available a new driver better suited for Windows 8.1.

    I had some of the similar issues with the Killer network card on my MSI motherboard. Did not work with the standard install. Once I installed a "driver only" package, it worked fine and has been working fine since.

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