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    Quote Originally Posted by Ladihawke View Post
    Aquilonia Questing Achievements

    Whispers From The Grave
    I do not know who gives this quest, still looking for it.
    In the cemetery, you have to enter a tomb / tunnel or crypt. I do not remember the exact coordinates, but I think it was on the northern end.
    Once you enter the crypt, the quest will start (plus you get to meet boss Amun-Nepthek)

    We did this at 22:50 game time. Do not know if it has to be nighttime ingame.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ladihawke View Post
    Added most of Tarantia Common District quest chains. Still missing who gives Whispers In the Dark and the full details of Justice In The District/A Missing Leader.
    You get Whispers in the Dark in the hidden tunnel in the graveyard (mine happened to be guarded by Borlo, Lazar's Champion <undead rare boss>)

    Justice in the district/A missing leader was tricky, you need to do the Crows nest quest to kill Jovus. Then a Watch Commander Vascus (x854 y851) will give you a quest to follow a harlot (wait if shes walking away from Atillus' mansion). She will go to Atillus' Mansion, and then you'll be able to get Justice in the District.

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    Anyone else not getting credit for "The sands of time" in Khemi?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bikpik View Post
    Anyone else not getting credit for "The sands of time" in Khemi?
    I didn't either, talked to the Chronicler of Deeds, and that gave me the points for it

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    can this get a sticky?
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    This thread is now listed in the global sticky.
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    Default KK

    Quote Originally Posted by Anzu View Post
    This thread is now listed in the global sticky.
    Any KK questline help?`

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    As these forums are going to be locked and archived on 14 February 2018, I have tried to complete the sections (namely Aztel's Approach, Kara Korum, Kheshatta, Coast of Ardashir, Dragon's Spine).
    I have not had time to do my usual checks of all these zones (ie taken multiple "naive" toons over the zones checking that chain quests are independent of each other). I am very grateful for Joharaoc Achievement blog, it has been so very helpful and accurate.
    As I consider this post incomplete and I am still active in the game and forums I would prefer that this is not copied over by the community manager at this stage (it is missing the level requirements for the quests as mostly I cross-checked chains and quests on level 80 characters). If the formatting differences are not too painful and when I'm not trying to get my character to level 80 and complete the Saga of Zath quest line for my T6 weapons I will either reproduce this on the new forums or at least make a post linking back to this one.
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