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Thread: Karla of the Shadowvale??

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    Necromancer Asim Pashtun Undead Warrior undead Khopshef Province (224,1016)
    also at 107, 1011

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    Default Dorrrrrrf the Primative

    I found another spawn point for this boss in the Troglodyte village on the mountain next to Chill Crawler Hill in Atzel's Approach. Location 110,204.
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    Default Fixed

    From 4.5.5 patch notes:

    * Adjusted the spawn rate for a number of bosses so that they are more commonly encountered than before, in some cases these may not have been spawning at all and have now been fixed. This issue effected 2 Acheronian, 2 Undead and 1 Demon rare boss.
    * The Rare bosses spawning in the Tarantia Common District as part of the riot have been changed to use non-elite stats so that they can be killed without needing a group.

    So we should be able to get them all
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    If you will track the new rares as well i found 'the sewer god'(prey) in tarantia common 584,832 placeholder should be chicken.
    I am Stian ingame...

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    New acheronian boss spawns at the lvl70 acheronian camp in Khesh (its in Johara's list already).
    Tainted Souls on Crom - Johara's Featplanner

    Hushi (HoX) - Igne natura renovatur integra

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    Gotts the reanimated alternate spawn posision 1140, 144
    I am Stian ingame...

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    Per of the Ice Stair - Vanir - x377 y737 Eiglophian mountains, 7th entry.
    Lagertha the Waverider - Vanir - x98 y989 Atzles Approach, 8th entry
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    Eurydice the Shadow - nemedian - Wild lands 875,318
    Sophocles the Poetic - nemedia - border range 780,323
    Andon the First-Spear - nemedian - noble District 950,1212 (alt 850,1024)
    Theatetus the Deadeye - nemedian - noble District 824,1060 (alt 869,1075 and maybe 904,928)
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    I am Stian ingame...

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    Jormund the Earth Shaker - EM 695 980 - Bane of Pests 4th boss - placeholder is one of the worms arround, can spawn a bit further
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    Default Big Game #7 - Khayu the Watchful

    Big Game #7 Khayu the Watchful (Kheshatta) 860, 770
    Placeholder is a croc (middle of pond beside that log)

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