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Thread: Karla of the Shadowvale??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bibik View Post
    Painweaver Yu-zhen is at KK, Ghost Hill, two spots (X 1780 Y 485 & X 842 Y 336), placeholders are usual ghosts.

    Demons :

    Varylax the Impure in Coast of Ardashir : X 813 Y 518. Placeholder is a Kozak.
    Not a Kozak byt a Vilayet Corsair. (820,509 to be exact) might have other spawnpoints too

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    Thanks for noticing the typo, i'll edit my post.

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    Urion the Scourge 1259,605 Near Sanctum in Wild Lands. Undead Placeholder

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    Dorrrrrrf the Primative (Excellent name!) 871,38 in Atzels (Troglodyte Placeholder)

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    Kor'ban Hatebreed - 1470,1195 Thunder River Acheronian Maze - Placeholder: Crocodile Pict Bonedancer

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    (guessing translated names)
    Gvael the Trespasser - Conall's Valley 713x577
    Talork the Skulleater - Eiglophian Mountain 395x355
    Kaltram the Bonecleaver - Eiglophian Mountain 489x777

    Feroze the Ancient - Ardashir 87x878 (there's at least one more, but don't have the coords)
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    Keshatta, Duststalker camp 684,1023
    Acheronian Anaxa-Kereth Honored Sybarite Placholder is a lvl76 crimson boss

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    Quote Originally Posted by lmagowz View Post


    Khaza-Ezil The Awoken

    Don't remember exact location for acheronians
    Khza-ezil the awoken found at Thunder River near entrance to Sacrificial Altar at 1440, 620. Placeholder is a Demonic Crocodile Pict
    Xiuhcoatl, Xipil, Udiya, Zhoerong lvl 80 HoXes .... multi-speccing?
    Gorgophone lvl 80 Barb, Kheiron lvl 80 PoM (Heal?), Uruloki lvl 80 Demo (Nub), Berenike lvl 80 Conq (retired.) All raised on Hyrkania RP-PVE (R.I.P.) server.

    [undisclosed] lvl 80 HoX (!), Marbhaisgort lvl 80 Necro (fresh), Chahwuk (ToS)/Merav(Necro) lvl5x (for when I get to do Purist-achievements) Cromites.

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    Default Haha - Cheev

    Quote Originally Posted by Unutterable View Post
    Killed Karla last night, no cheev popped, even after visiting chronicler. I checked through my cheev list under hellwalker etc and no sign of her in the lists.
    Cheev - totally reminded me to check out the Chive. Thanks!
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