Hello everyone, I have been reading over this post and haven’t seen this posted here yet. So, I will add it here. Tortage Island (Tutorial training area) there are 6 treasure chests that I know of. I created a new toon on the saga server. To record all the Wayfarer points. I hope you find this useful and if anyone knows of any I missed feel free to add them. All these chests may contain health potions, pearls and sometimes a pirate ring.

Tortage Island (Tutorial training area) treasure chests locations:

Sunken Treasure (291, 703) near the sunken ship at your arrival spot where Kalanthes talks to you
swim out under water
Treasure Chest (230, 566) Behind the Crocodile Boss
Treasure Chest (348, 746) West of the Pillager Boss
Treasure Chest (605, 871) In the Pict Boss’s Hut
Treasure Chest (593, 948) Fha’quth area in the Acheronian standing stones circle
Treasure Chest (690, 638) East of the Ape King Boss past the last Ape