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Thread: Returning Player help decide class

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    After a long break from age of conan I will be taking up the offer they have atm and will be rolling a new class but really cant decide which one. I am stuck between BS, ToS, Hox and DT I mainly solo player with maybe a odd raid now and again with alot of mini games

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    If you want to be dominating PVE and PVP then DT

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slith View Post
    If you want to be dominating PVE and PVP then DT
    Hox is also insanely OP in pvp , of played right
    And does very good damage in pve
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    And also rather slow and not so forgiving (solo pve). But fun and challenging ^^

    I say, TOS has probably the less interesting gameplay of all, BS is really cool once you get crit gear, and DT is plain awesome, even before VoM.

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    Ah well once you've reached level 50 HoX starts rocking in solo PvE too !

    I dislike DT for PvP and like Misterclean mentionned ToS isn't that thrilling too play. So i'd go for BS or HoX.
    As much as i loved my BS, i've grown weary of healing in PuG minigames. It's really cool to play and really a blast when you end up in a mini where you have at least one guy assisting you. Pretty cool fun to level up though sometimes a bit slow compared to HoX who can burn packs of mobs in seconds.
    HoX can be frustrating at times as it is not a great stand alone class PvP wise. But it's really nice in PvP. Especially as avatar where you feel the duality of it best. You need to be fast, constantly in movment, yet you have slow combos to land.
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    I dont play to so cant comment. Dt is very strong but bit boring and easy, this is from pvp point since im not much of pve player. Hox is very good in pvp if player shines, if not you are in world of pain. Also in bad groups you will get much focus. It has relatively simple play style but good movement is crucial.
    Bs is very strong, fun class but it has highest learning curve out of these 3. It has potential to turn mini around, it can do nice kills in proper specc.
    Only thing now is what do you find most interesting. And like Chaman said do you have will to heal in pug minis

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