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Thread: Part of my UI overlaps other parts of my UI

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    Question Part of my UI overlaps other parts of my UI

    Hi, I just started playing again after several years away. I installed the game newly from Steam. I have done no modifications at all. When I log in, part of my interface overlaps other parts. For example, I have a clock of sorts in the top right that shows a sun icon and the word "day". Beside it, and at the top left corner of the mini map is an orange triangle pointing down. If I hover the mouse over the triangle, a box pops out, but it's obscured by the mini map. If I turn off the mini map, the clock moves to the right and partially offscreen. In the top left corner is what appears to be social options such as friends/guild members, guild management, players and pvp, etc. Behind this element there appears to be another element with buttons, but I can't see it. I can only make out that the right most button is a ? button. The rest is obscured. My native resolution on this monitor is 1680x1050 and that is what the game is running at. I have a 2nd monitor connected running at 1440x900. The game is set to fullscreen windowed and runs on monitor 1 at 1680x1050. I tried switching to straight fullscreen mode, but the UI stays the same. It's like my UI is at a different resolution than the game.

    EDIT: After looking at it further, I may be wrong about the minimap obscuring something. I think the box in question is popping out from the minimap and opens the world map. So no issue there I guess. However, the thing in the top left still doesn't look right. Here's a pic.
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    The interrogation mark is the Help, and the Rankings is a button in its own right. Nothing wrong here, try to click both to see what they do
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    Nothing missing in that picture. It is exactly as it is meant to be.

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