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Thread: The Explorer Quest in Ymir's Pass (Walkthrough)

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    Default The Explorer Quest in Ymir's Pass (Walkthrough)

    I've seen a lot of people looking for this one, so here's a quick walk-through (so obviously: SPOILERS!)

    Go into the Swamp to around 638, 453 and click on the skeleton laying on the ground. That starts the quest. Kill some Mud Runners until the quest updates (although other types of critters may also advance the quest, that's what worked for me after 2 or 3 kills).

    It'll lead you to 785, 203 where you can dig up some loot. It's blue, but not ultra epic.
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    Thanks, btw do you know maybe, where I can find Gelba in ymir's pass ? ;d

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    Quote Originally Posted by dante88 View Post
    Thanks, btw do you know maybe, where I can find Gelba in ymir's pass ? ;d
    She is in one of the buildings near the area between the Wheel of Pain and the Lumber Camp. She's in there with a whole entourage of minions.

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    Default Skeleton

    Hi there, thanks so much for the tip! However, I was a little confused...kept looking for a "body" and none of them were clickable...finally found's actually a skeleton.

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    Yes I to found a dead body with flies buzzing on it.The skeleton is close by took me awhile to find it.

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