• Fixed an error with the Blessing of the Northern Wastes buff.

Kyllikki (T5)
  • The Wolf of Jari now has around 33% less health.
  • The Time Fades Away debuff now lasts for 25 seconds but deals more damage.
  • Vistrix's protection values have been increased to 9000.
  • The duration of Kyllikki's Sorrow has been increased slightly.

Vistrix (T5)
  • Vistrix will no longer attempt to move to her targets, she will instead revert to her fireball attack if she is unable to execute her melee abilities.
  • Vistrix's health has been increased by around 10%.

  • The Twelve portents return for a second year with a number of improvements!
    • Two new portents have been added to the cycle, replacing their counterparts. Expect to see a couple of new challenges!
    • Every Portent has had their combat experience evaluated and improved to provide a more memorable, and in most cases a slightly more challenging, experience. Expect to see more of your friends and foes succumbing to brutal fatalities!
    • The first kill of each month will now provide a new Portent Token which can be claimed on each of your characters. These tokens can be redeemed for specific Portent pets, or a chance at receiving a prize from an extended version of the Slayer's Caches. Hunter's and Slayer's caches for each boss will continue to still be rewarded in the same way as last year.
    • Portents spawning on the PvP servers now have lower health to compensate for the increased challenges provided by these locations. Some mechanics are also modified slightly for these servers.