• The first pass of the new Achievement System is now live! In this new system, players of all skill levels can aim to complete a variety of achievements for fame and glory. The initial release contains over 650 achievements and if sub-achievements are included, this number is closer to 3000!
  • Each achievement grants players points toward their new achievement points stat, which is visible in the player information window, and will indicate progression within the achievement system. Unique rewards will be unlocked as a player reaches certain thresholds of points!
  • Displayable titles may also be unlocked through different elements of the system so players may customize their character display name and to show off their achievements!
  • Please be sure to visit the Chronicler of Deeds NPC in any of the major cities so that they may take inventory of your character’s adventures! (this NPC will retro-actively award achievements that may not be reachable any longer by specific characters, such as making level 80 or completing a 1-time quest)
    Read more here!

  • The playfield access window can now be unlocked through achievement rewards. This window allows easy access to fast travel options throughout Hyboria.
  • The Blessing of the Frozen North now correctly adds +70 Hate Decrease Rating.
  • The Path of Asura and other teleport abilities will now always send the user to non-Epic versions of an adventure zone.
  • Abata no longer continues to show a ! when no additional quests are available.
  • Issue has been fixed with the Rank 8 set bonuses for priests so that the critical heal chance on their spike heal abilities now correctly increases.
  • World Bosses should no longer drop "empty" caches.

  • Added a tab to open the Achievements UI to the Top Bar.
  • Lowered the number of simultaneous FIFOs on screen.
  • Shifted FIFO display down slightly so that it does not overlap with other elements.

Eiglophian Mountains
  • The Blood-furred Beast - The sword should now be usable while on the appropriate goal.

Old Tarantia
  • Confess Thy Sin - This quest can now be retaken from Vialli if it is deleted.

  • Find Hakar-Tep - Fixed an issue where quest text was missing.

  • The Dark Legion - Fixed an issue that caused the Dark Legion Commander to become unresponsive and immune to attacks.