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Thread: PvP Rotations

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    no, and it's a disaster how there is still no option to disable minion tabbing

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    you used to be able to target self then tab to the closest target to you. even bind both to a mouse key. but removed the command when they removed the toggle for right mouse button aim. taking away complexity has been the demise of this combat system

    LS spec is a troll spec and can be very fun. ToS only really has two stackable setups for burst that require aiming and a bit of skill. One being double LS with column mixed in. The other being preloaded call light with elemental fury. The only other way for burst is storm field and aura overlap which requires no aim or skill.
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    Quote Originally Posted by -Deukalion- View Post
    Question: is there a way to prevent tabbing through minions?
    ok lurvi, tell me how to kill a bs. need some pointers since i cant get them below 10% (then they bubble and heal up)

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    Quote Originally Posted by -Deukalion- View Post
    ok lurvi, tell me how to kill a bs. need some pointers since i cant get them below 10% (then they bubble and heal up)
    If you face a good bs, you can't beat him. Though movement is your key to succes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by -Deukalion- View Post
    ok lurvi, tell me how to kill a bs. need some pointers since i cant get them below 10% (then they bubble and heal up)
    how bout sins?can u kill sins?think its 90% no....and 10% yes...!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Size View Post
    If you face a good bs, you can't beat him. Though movement is your key to succes.
    Lol, i tried kill a keyboard turner (pvp lvl 10), he couldnt hit me, but i could not bring him down either! He outhealed my dps easy. (Pvp5 tos)
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    Quote Originally Posted by ieronymous View Post
    how bout sins?can u kill sins?think its 90% no....and 10% yes...!!!
    Can beat sins, but need to kite well and use sf. Cc and Burst dps after lotus overload ended.

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    lol lurvi i wish i had your patience to write this kind of posts

    anyway, if you want to do dmg to bs u need to debuff him as much as possible, without debuffing he can outheal most of your dmg unless u have top notch gear.
    remember that he cant use green heal without hitting something. but like Size said, your chances against a pro BS are close to 0. avoiding his hits is the key.

    about sins, there are many levels of sin players, i would say that unless you are extremely lucky the pro sins will always win.
    against the average sins just kite around while hitting him with sf, always remember to use PotsR if he puts a bomb on u, it also helps if his dots are hitting u hard.
    watch his buffs always, lotus overload is a bitch but in that time just kite around and prepare your big nukes, once it's down do some big bursts (use fangs too so u can nuke him without danger of him killing you while you're at it), overall the sins die pretty fast if they dont have their bubbles rdy.

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    To win vs. a bear you need to force out his bubble(s) asap, or you could win with a Thundering Voice tactic, but I wouldn't go for this, because you'll need Thundering Voice to interrupt a combo early on.

    First of all learn to distinguish the opener direction of the bears Ferocious Smack (knockback), so you can anticipate and avoid it, either by Thundering Voice, evasive kiting, but you also have doubletap which is strong enough to be used. vs. rangers it's very strong, so learn to use it.

    The opener direction is UP, along with two other combos Crush Armor IV and Feral Growl (I don't count Shrewd Blow V, cause no sane bs is using that in the very beginning)
    so when you see the UP, take counteraction! It is very typical for a bear to just go for the quick kill when vs. a tos, as in just using the kb asap.
    From experience, it's eating a knockback that can make the duel a shortlived one.

    Ok, thats one detail. The gain from paying attention to it can be gamechanging.

    To the more basic stuff:

    If you can't bring a bear below 90% you are not using your spells!

    Debuff. Quick-cancel Sparks. Be close enough for him to take Stormcrown ticks, which is closer than you might think! Curse of Set, I use it asap to have it off cooldown sooner, but if the situation quickly became dire, and taking counteraction is needed? It'll have to wait for a moment. Use it's range for all it's worth.

    For instance, do you fire off Elemental Fury and the instant Lightning Strike before debuffing? or even before using Call Lightning? So wrong.

    You need to put all the burst you can together when the bear has taken some damage/debuffs prior. To surprise him and make him panic and pop his bubble. As Stormfield is about to expire -> Column Lightning/Coils -> instant LS -> Stun -> repop Stormfield and he'll be trying to kite you, not the other way around. But a bear can't outrun stormfield

    Then the biggest mistake I think most toses do, is when they feel like they're about to loose, they try kite. Which will loose you damage from Stormfield, and thats when the bear will be healing up. Instead of having faith in brute forcing it. With precise use of spells. Don't be afraid. Only by pushing your dps and putting yourself at risk you'll get the lucky crits you need to come out on top.

    Last of all, use your CCs, so you have them off CD again sooner:

    My typical rotation:

    Healing Lotus+SF+Sparks as he approaches (+ Curse of Set if time allows)
    Start with Quicksand, get a free spell in while he's using Grace of Nature.
    Eat the initial combo, only avoid if you suspect the KB or it suits you between some spells to try bunnyhop away, do your nukerotation Call Lightning+Life of Set+Charged Blast+Elemental Fury instead.
    Eating two combos is never comfortable, so I always interrupt here with Thundering Voice. Make sure you interrupt right as he fires away the combo itself.

    If you succeeded so far you're in good shape 100%
    Pop some cooldown like Aura or Coils.

    At this point I wait the next Internal Bleed and I Static Blood it. If Im in good shape I save PotSR, if not use PotSR to negate some ticks off the dot.
    Play risky, Im fine with taking damage as long as I can do damage in return. Charged Blast + Life of Set spam.
    Not to say don't kite, it's just not my strength! If kiting works for you, do your thing!
    I only resort to excess kiting when Im in a near death situation.

    But why play risky? Cause you can. Fangs of Set is ready with a 0.5 sec cast, and there is NOTHING a bear can do to avoid it. After Fangs expired, you still have your stun. If the bear is good and he has Deliverance off CD, he'll make that disappear, but the clock is ticking, and your Quicksand and Thundering Voice will be ready soon. This is usually where things end though, either you die, or the bear will die or possibly RoG making it a stalemate for a while, practically a duel reset. If this happens, remember to time Curse of Set+Stormfield as RoG expires, and be ready to get back into it!

    And I almost always save instant LS for when the bear is gonna be in real trouble if I pop it. Use it defensively for instant green instead if the situation isn't gonna yield you anything better. It's surprise burst that make bears piss their pants (lucky crits from sf+aura/coils/column+ instant ls!)
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    Had to write that post in a hurry before work, but it touches upon the major tactics I use atleast.

    Using Cobra Stare in the start is a smart move too (hopefully taking away Deliverance for the next 2 minutes) It's very powerful to get off a full duration Cobra Stare later in the fight. Constriction is a very good AA too, and should prove totally potent, but I unfortunately haven't maxxed it yet cause Im a Coils-fanboy.

    After tos Rousing Shock buff, toses have more of an easy time vs. bears, cause the stun, and even forward doubletap from bear can become a non-factor.

    and it may seem like I don't try bunnyhop/kite at all, I definately do. You have to. It's just I emphasize a more aggressive style over evasive. It's surprise burst and crits that will give you a win. You can't get that with constant bunnyhopping, that's my point.
    I barely touched upon the post, but you need to chase the bs. You can't let him run away and regen. That's when you loose!

    There is nothing more rewarding than killing a good bs in a duel. So have fun with it!

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