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Thread: PvP Rotations

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    Default PvP Rotations


    I'm pretty new to AoC PvP, still lvl 2, and I'm looking for some advice on spell rotations that will allow me to benefit my team while keeping me in the fight as much as possible. I know right now I'm a pea-shooter in a tank fight, but this is the time for me to learn, right?

    Currently I have my build more Thunder-heavy (going with Nebthu), and I have a mix of armor (some vengeful zeal, chest and legs from Scarlet Circle, shoulders and gloves from Yellow Priests, etc.)

    My current lineup is something like this on my hotbar:

    1=Storm Crown
    2=Lightening Strike
    3=Charged Blast
    4=Lightening Sparks
    5=Call Lightening
    6=Elemental Fury
    8=Idol of Set
    9=Vital Jolt
    10=Life of Set

    I moved one hotbar above my numbered bar so that I have Cobra stare, my curses, quicksand, Fangs of Set, and Healing Lotus all within easy reach. I usually try to start off at a reasonable distance with Storm Crown and Sparks, then continue with faster casts like Call Lightening, Elemental Fury, etc. However, I'm not sure if that's the right path to go, or if there's better use of my time and/keys. I usually wind up becoming a chew toy after the first couple of shots, so I haven't had a lot of time to experiment.

    Any advice is welcomed.
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    what about eh... storm field?

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    Honestly, I don't use Storm Field as much because I get good damage out of Lightening Strike.....can't use LS with Storm Field up. Drives me nuts.

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    well storm field is the strongest weapon a tos has, dont expect to be of any use to your team otherwise. even if you dont like it, start training yourself with strom field base gameplay, both in pve and pvp.
    lightning strike build is inferior both in DPS and of team support since you need to be close to your team to heal.

    most toses pvp with strom field+fangs base build or strom field+bubble, i personally prefer bubble build.

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    You're using a Nebthu spec, but not playing a Stormfield-oriented style? This does not make any sense at all, so you need to rethink you ways.

    Lightning Strikes make you immobile, and that is definately not what a tos needs.

    Stormfield will allow you the ability to kite and fire away important CCs and debuffs while you are doing damage to everything around you! And don't forget your blue heal Life of Set helps out greatly in the damage department, with only a 0.5 sec cast, so don't underestimate some spam of this between your main spells/kiting.

    So basic tos play revolves around:

    prepopping Stormfield + Healing Lotus (green heal)
    quick-canceling Lightning Sparks for the Wrack debuff
    (maybe even Curse of Set, but this can be situational, cause your window to engage may not allow this time, so sometimes you must do it mid-fight instead)
    Nebthu too should be prepopped, but only when you're certain a real encounter will emerge, to avoid wasting the cooldown.

    even BEYOND THEM can be effective.

    Assess the situation, how long can I push damage before I need to take defensive measures, such as PotSR to avoid caster CCs, or fangs of set on a melee. Or other imba CCs like Cobra Stare, Thundering Voice or Quicksand. Or maybe you need to do it pre-emptively at the very beginning.

    Very important spells to push damage:
    Call Lightning (gives nice bonus damage, and can be feated nicely in Lightning tree)
    Static Blood (especially vs. certain classes, like demo, DT, and Necro)
    Life of Set (not only will it supply yourself and your team with the hot, but it has two damageprocs to it, Triumphant Life of Set and Storm Charge aka Empowered Life of Set)

    Rest of the time, use what you have at disposal, Charged Blast all the time, Elemental Fury, Lightning Sparks/Coils, instant green heal or instant Lightning Strike just as SF timed out to finish off someone.

    Great thing about tos is you have so many strong spells on a relatively low cooldown. This is why I prefer a Fangs build, to go along with all these ~60 second cooldown spells. You can run in once a minute and create all kinds of havoc. Be prepared to die, but by dying you're learning about assessing situations and with time you'll learn your boundaries more and more.

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    Thank you both for the lesson(s). I will take all advice to heart and reassess my build. I haven't used Storm Field mostly out of ignorance; I've been learning as I go, and all I have known to this point is that I suck at PvP because I have to stop and cast all the time. I'm still low level, so stopping pretty much means a quick death. This, on the other hand, gives me a little more insight and is the "here's a clue" that I have needed.

    Much appreciation to you both!

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    Static Blood (especially vs. certain classes, like demo, DT, and Necro)

    interesting: which spells of necro are badly affected by static blood?

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    The many dots necros usually deploy to you, constantly ticking. They do become somewhat a source of damage.

    Other important mentions are:
    reaver barbs with their procs and dots

    unfortunately some rangers dots don't give retributive damage as they should, but some do, so when you see ranger pop deadly draw, just static blood -> fangs of set and if he didn't catch your fangs cast, you can manfight him 1v1 and come out on top, cause what after fangs you just stun -> finish off

    doubletap kb from ranger too and he'll be running away from you in 1v1s instead of the other way around. Do yourself a big favor and figure out the tos vs ranger 1v1. It's all about approaching and staying in close proximity for your aoe to hit him. Unless super lucky crits on coils to instant LS crit or something like that you can't win the ranged game. Hide and wait for your moment to approach decisively. The majority of your spells don't have that adventagegous range anyways.

    anyways back to Static Blood

    other mentions:
    carnage conqs
    bear shaman giving you a double dot from internal bleed
    hox, at times can have many procs running, but kinda situational depending on spec too.

    Keep demos in mind though. No class can die fast like a demo unaware of Static Blood

    One more note to OP though,

    Fangs only has half a second of castingtime. Same thing with Thundering Voice.

    This means, you can potentially cripple two opposing players within 1 second.

    But to do this you need to TAB target, or atleast that's the advisable way of doing it.
    If you can't fire away those important CCs in rapid succession to different targets, your potency in causing havoc is kinda crippled.

    This is the genious of tos I was trying to shed light to. If you are there, and able to pull off this kind of thing, first of all, since you're the suicidal tos, all eyes are on you, so your teammates get more room! But you're fullfilling your class potential in terms of damage aswell by being positioned instead of a passive wuss (typical idiot tos player)

    Really note the part about teammates, cause you'll need them. Play with your team. You can't pull off this stuff alone. You don't wanna be THAT suicidal. Just the right bit of suicidal is what you want.
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    Let me know how it works out for you, I'll gladly give more feedback or answer any other questions you may have. Itemization and perking the tos is kind of interesting topics too.

    I don't play right now due to RL commitments, so some forum is all I get these days

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lurvi View Post
    Let me know how it works out for you, I'll gladly give more feedback or answer any other questions you may have. Itemization and perking the tos is kind of interesting topics too.

    I don't play right now due to RL commitments, so some forum is all I get these days
    Question: is there a way to prevent tabbing through minions?

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