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Thread: The Elder Scrolls Online drops subscription

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    Default The Elder Scrolls Online drops subscription

    Well everything is going as we foretold. discuss?

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    pretty much all you can say is written in and adjacent thread:
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    Yep no surprises here. I actually enjoyed PVP a great bit when the game first came out. Every patch afterwards hurt the playability so much that I called it quits. For now I'm having fun with aoc and eve online but there may be a time where I check eso out again.
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    It looks like their B2P option is going to be somewhat similar to AoC... only better. For instance, if you purchase a DLC, you can forever play that content for free without needing to be premium member... or, you can pay a monthly sub and become a premium member which gives you access to ALL DLC... and you don't have to buy the DLC... by contrast, Funcom made you not only BUY the content, such as Godslayer expansion, but you also had to be a premium member in order to play that content. I will always think of that has really unfair and stupid.

    As for the pay 2 win... lots of folks are saying that that is what they are concerned about... but, based on the FAQ Zenimax has up, it would appear to not be the case as the cash shop is simply going to be for the purchase of cosmetic items as well as things like mounts etc.

    Again, for comparisons, Age of Conan cash shop isn’t a pay to win… you can’t buy the best PvP gear in the AoC cash store… you can buy entry level PvP gear, which I am fine with, but you can’t buy the PvP 10 gear.

    Maybe Zenimax will do something similar and put entry level gear in the shop for people to purchase… but it most certainly won’t be the best PvP gear had… the best will come from crafting and or purchasing the PvP gear from the PvP vendors out in Cyrodiil.

    The store along with being a premium member all have perks associated… mostly in the form of XP gained… 10% isn’t a whole lot if you ask me. And honestly, the XP grind needs a boost for those who have already played through the content but want to level another toon.

    ESO is the replacement I had been looking for to Age of Conan. Sure, the combat system isn’t the same as AoC but it does require skill in terms of reaction as well as aiming. The aiming in ESO isn’t quite as small a target window as AoC but I am fine with that considering what typically occurs when you have massive amounts of people all duking it out. And ESO combat isn’t about spamming abilities but reacting and understanding the other class(s) you are going up against. It isn’t about spamming offensive abilities but rather reacting accordingly.

    I am thoroughly addicted to the PvP in ESO… especially now that I am VR14 and wearing a mix of legendary and epic gear. And with the upcoming patch 1.6 as well as the flood of new players, this game just keeps getting better and better.

    Coming from years of being so hooked on AoC… when I see people complain about lack of content and or that Zenimax doesn’t respond quick enough to bugs etc… I just laugh… because my experiences with Funcom and AoC has me so very happy with Zenimax and their level of support and commitment to ESO. Zenimax delivered more content and polish at launch than AoC had within the last 6 years it has been out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Victarionh View Post

    Well everything is going as we foretold. discuss?
    Good for them. Maybe Ill log in again when I get bored.

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    Will be interested in seeing how this affects population in the next few months. SWTOR is terrible but 6 months after changing its model and having a expansion it is the #14 played PC game last month beating out GW2 by 2 spots and only having ArcheAge with more players active in the MMO category. ESO has the ability to become 2015 version of SWTOR and ensure it having a very long life.

    Combat is meh, but the build system is so fun for 1v1 and small group pvp it will be totally worth playing again once free. Templar pvp might be my favorite of all time in mmo.
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    As I've almost foreseen back then...

    Quote Originally Posted by Noumides View Post
    But TESO has no collision. You feel like you hit the air...
    TESO will start with very high population indeed
    1 month after release (time included by purchase), some will not sub
    3 months after release,the dust of hype settles and more will leave
    6-9 months after release more and more people will realise how boring TESO is and will leave
    1 year after release, TESO will be f2p

    the seer has spoken :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noumides View Post
    As I've almost foreseen back then...

    You wouldn't have some tips for investing, would you? Nothing too fancy, just some stocks that will grow or tank in the next year.
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    Remember guys if MMO drops sub it does not mean it has failed. TSW dropped it and went to B2P and their user base tripled at that time.
    If they can keep good amount of players it is a success.

    People always compare game to WoW, if game does not get WoW users it is fail

    I played ESO 20h and got bored. Could not create good looking character and characters sounded and looked too masculine, females i mean. And this is a two sided sword, in ArcheAge many western players whined that females sound and look too "girly", which for me was biggest +

    For me Character looks etc.. comes first, everything else after that. Any game where i can't get good looking character it is instant uninstall, TSW ape models wtf

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