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    I tested some thing out with the big heal of my ToS and somehow I can't really understand the mechanics behind the big heal. I know, this is a really stupid question, I know how and when to use it and I know what it does but there are some thing that are pretty random to me which I can't explain why these things happened (bug maybe?)

    Okay, I did some tests like this: In Khemi I jumped down a building and used the big heal, it normally healed me for like 1550 Life (info says that it heals from ca. 1500 to 1600 I don't remember exactly), in this build I did not use the feat "Vitality of Set" (+10% healing on burst) but sometimes it healed me for nearly 2400 Life, I already saw this happen in dungeons / raids but I can't explain to me, how this happened (It was NO critical heal, just a normal one).

    I did some more tests and tried to use feats that increase the magical base damage (from "Call Lightning" or the buff from spellweaving) but that did not increased the heal of vitalizing jolt. Also, sometimes the burst didn't even healed me as much as the info said (only 1300 or something like that).

    Can anyone tell me what exactly lets this happen that the big heal sometimes heals more or even less than the spell info says? (again, these were no critical heals, only pure normal heals) Is this a bug or is this supposed to be randomly stronger or even weaker?

    I never had any problems with the big heal but I really would like to know why this happens sometimes.

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    well big heals do crit... check your empowered mending perk.

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