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Thread: % Hate Modifier vs Hate Increase Rating

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    Default % Hate Modifier vs Hate Increase Rating

    So, I was looking at the gear, and wondered about these stats.

    Guard has 6% Hate Modifier & no Hate Increase Rating, DT has 3% Hate Modifier & 12 Hate Increase Rating, Conq has 1% Hate Modifer & 101 Hate Increase Rating.

    It just adds 6% hate then, based on your combat stats? (Or whatever class). Or is Hate Increase Rating better?

    (Yeah, I suck at this statistical BS - I just want to kill stuff).
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    It's the same thing, just put as % instead of the ratings. I'd be all for it to unify hate increase and hate decrease in percentages on all gear..

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    Though a clarification from devs would be nice, it's probably this:

    36,6 Hate Increase = +1% Hate Modifier
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    or it may be part of the introduction of diminishing returns that was talked about in last GD-letter, we can hope joel was drunk while he wrote it and have gotten better ideas snce, but there is a chance switching from rating to percent is part of the introduction of diminishing returns(as it is, they dont exist in the game) and just one of the two will get hit.
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    Doesn't work that way for diminishing return on armor at least.

    I got 3 T5 pieces on DT and when I do a unhallowed blight with cov of arms running I get 1.5% bonus armor. What it does is it takes base armor and multiplies it by 101.5. With T4 pieces in other slots I only gain 0.3 mitigation.

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