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Thread: How should I order the classes in a raid?

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    Default How should I order the classes in a raid?

    Hi, anyone could explain me where I should put each class in a raid to maximize the synergy the buffs of each class?

    I know which classes I want in my group with my DT , but I suppose it is an optimal way to balance all the classes. Could you share it with me?
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    Generally it doesn't matter all that much.

    However a few things are rather important...

    I like to place all the casters with a Tos for mana tap. Of course this means the Tos has to have mana tap feated.

    Melee types with a bear is helpful.

    Sins with SB Guards can improve their dps.

    Stacking tanks in the same group only when their healers are at specific place in the encounter.

    Maximizing AA group buffs when people actually have them at rank 5.

    Obviously 3 healers in the same group is silly. 1 healer + demo pet heal is usually enough.

    1 Mage in each group for the mage shield.

    Conq buffs are nice to have in any group.

    Doesn't have to be perfect, but at least a few simple things can improve the entire raid.
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    If there is anything close to a "default setup" it is what we have had from the beginning of the game:

    2x Tank Group:

    2x DPS Group:

    This gives the max amounts of buffs in total, and does not favor any spesific class over the others. That said you may not very often have the 2x12 setup, your players may not be equal so you may want to give some of them extra advantages, some of your players may not be very party oriented so they contribute less in one group.

    To be good at making groups you sort of need to know your players, their classes and the encounter you are going up against, this is things you learn if you pay attention while playing the game.
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