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Thread: Best Quick Fixes for PvP

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reinauer View Post
    How "my friend" plays his Guard is his business. He pays a subscription just like you ... and I.

    "He" appreciates all the tokens; I'm sure. Not sure why you would attempt to ban or /petition someone who decides to play a mini-game in whatever fashion they wish. Can't tell you how many times I've experienced hate /tells 30-secs into a mini from the uber-players.

    You don't need to pay a sub to talk crap in global and ruin minis. You just need an account that was premium for even just one month. The vast majority of those trolls are obviously f2p players.
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    Reinauer, your defense of this scumbag is a joke. He's most likely not paying a subscription because he obviously does not enjoy many things in this game, since all he does is try to ruin fun for others. It's not like he's a "bad player" signing up for minigames and just playing poorly; he's signing up and purposefully standing around, taking off his gear, emoting at people, and talking trash/taunting his own group and public chats.

    And no, he can't do whatever he likes, because this is an online game where a community needs to be cared for in order to thrive. Just because one person thinks it's his right to ruin the game for 11 other people at a time does not mean it should be allowed. Myself and others pay for our own subscriptions to play this game with the expectation that this kind of garbage won't be allowed happen with such consistency.*

    *Okay, maybe we've got a bit lower expectations than most MMO subscribers, but Funcom's "sit back and do nothing" stance obviously isn't making people happy.

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    Just now that guard join HV took down his gear and stand still. He was congratulating us later how it was perfect mini, if that is not harassing i dont know what is. Reported him again for idk what time, even have screenshot of him with no gear at all in mini. O, btw its not much but i was on 6 win streak.
    Im just pvping in this game and always paying sub to support company and game itself. I expect little support from company back.
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    PVP used to be living for that one epic mini, which you could find one out of three, or that world battle in kesh, but as time went on more and more asshats were allowed to "get away" with anti social, game wrecking behavior. Funcom didn't police its game then and it won't now. My personal solution was to stop doing PVP and go to pve server.

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