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Thread: [Forum Event] Epic Tales of Uncertainty 3.0 Part 3!

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    Default [Forum Event] Epic Tales of Uncertainty 3.0 Part 3!

    Many of you may remember old school books that you could read, that let you choose the path in which your character would progress. Much like those stories, we wanted to bring you our own spin on these.

    Welcome to Epic Tales of Uncertainty!

    Each week, until your adventure is concluded, you- the forums- will choose the path for your character. A poll will be made (see above) that will give you choices- choices which can lead to riches, fun, and yes- even death. The rules are simple:

    • Vote.
    • This is a for "fun" forum game.
    • You may reply here to try and sway your fellow forum go-ers, keeping in mind our lovely Social Guidelines.
    • You may speculate as to how the decision will impact your character
    • You could even go so far as to think how many weeks your character will live
    • Winning consists of choosing the right choice that leads the character to a "happy ending."
    • Every vote will have 4 choices
    • The ones who vote for the winning choice (each week) will be awarded a new forum title of "Uncertainly Epic"

    With the rules clearly stated, we now begin our tale:

    You begin to go into a trance, using the words taught to you by the great follower, Strek DorGol. Your incantation causes the dirt around you to swirl, the trees in the background bend to the wind being generated, and an electric pulse begins to swell from the ground beneath you. The clouds blacken, and not even the moon can penetrate the darkness you have brought. As the power begins to reach its height, you have trouble recalling the fifth line of the incantation, and the summoning spell begins to collapse. The skies open, the trees no longer move, and you stand there, much less powerful than you thought at first. Thankfully, you didn't hurt yourself with these words, but trying such a thing was not the best of ideas when you have a memory loss.

    You hear a "grruUUUuuuuung" sound from behind you.

    You turn to see an adventurer- no, an assassin, standing there, seemingly ready to assist you. Your incantation wasn't a total bust, after all!

    You note that this particular assassin has lost some of his intestines, has an eye gouged out, and you wonder what exactly had happened to him to cause such a fortune. Judging by his stench, and that his blood remains on a very sharp rock nearby, you are sure that he died due to making a poor choice in life.

    You decide to go to the path south. You remember hearing some water coming from that direction, and if there is any trouble, your new friend will help you. You decide to name your pet "Chris."

    As you head southerly, you notice a sulfuric smell in the air. This was magic, for sure, but you weren't sure where.

    Suddenly, the sky turns red, and a single beam of light is shone upon you.

    "Necromancer. I have a chore for you."

    It's Gol-Goroth!

    "Raise an army, and go upon the world with it."

    Gol-Goroth is waiting for your answer.

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    Open-world PvP dogish people

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    Quote Originally Posted by Belsvard View Post
    Open-world PvP dogish people
    holy crap, what that even means ?

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