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Thread: Memories from the old forums

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    Default Memories from the old forums

    I´m a romantic. I already miss the old.

    Do you guys remember the old days on our old forums? Where people laughed and had a jolly good time together? Ah those days. I feel like its only yesterday that we had the 3rd siegethread closed down. Those were the days

    What is your favourite memory from the old forums?

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    I remember alot of epeening. Like it was last week. Oh the memories. Good times!

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    Can you recall the most viewed thread on the crom forums?

    Quote: When I create a thread! It gets more views and comments than even more than the threads that the mods adds those stickies on

    Crom's best!

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    We should copy all the previous content to this forum until the old archived forum gets closed!
    • Remove daily rewards and the raid finder;
    • remove membership bonuses;
    • disable PVE XP for daily challenges;
    • remove WBs forever on Crom;
    • slow down the AA gain;
    • lower the PVP XP gain or remove the streak system;
    • remove AoE looting;
    • add the missing mobs back to Khesh., F. of the Dead, and Eigl. Mount.;
    • fix the 250+ms ping;
    • take the key away from Saddur;
    • revert T3, T3.5 (10.21.15), T4 (10.21.15), and GGG changes;
    • remove energy and add skills (like taunt) back.

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    Hmmm this new forum looks a lot like the old one .. happy days.

    Just think how many more can say stuff in same place now .. let the worldwide troll competition commence.

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    Remember the conunitu!
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    Anything mentioning missing t2 demo wrists. Definitely.
    Hayde, dead Dark Templar of Xotli
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    Quote Originally Posted by thomasy93 View Post
    Remember the conunitu!

    Someone preserve that post pls! that was legendary! XD

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