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Thread: Discuss - Game Director Letter November 2014

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    REH's Conan is more poetic, well-spoken, and read than the Conan's of the movies and comics. But I agree that I don't see him sitting down and writing volumes of text. Or even dictating volumes of text to scribes.

    I'd like to see a mix of encyclopedic and first person narratives. For things that were well known and researched an encyclopedia entry would make sense. For things of legend, myth, or the unknown, a first person account would feel more appropriate. It could even lead to areas having different sets of lore as you travel through. An area may start with narratives as an unknown location but as you finish quests, the lore becomes more encyclopedic as your adventures fill in some knowledge gaps.

    im excited about this system. Will it be retroactive or are our 80's out of luck for Tortage lore and achievements?
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    The more I think about it, and I should have thought it two posts ago, the more I think the aoc team usually get the tone and lore right. And since it seems that they want to make it a game encyclopedia, then they will write good entries in keeping with their work so far.
    The post above also gives excellent ideas, with lore detail linked to quest completion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Slith View Post
    So knowing that it was really Kull who originaly said that how can you make a point about nothing wrong in Conan acknowledging a poet's worth.
    REH literally took "By This Axe I rule" and changed "Kull" to "Conan" and named the story "Phoenix on The Sword".

    Kull in "The Cat And The Skull/ Delcardes' Cat" discussed deep philosophy all night Conan on the other had expressed zero interested in that (as provided in quote above).

    So Kull have said it and it was true to his character, Conan was just copy/pasted into that story and its nothing like him. Having read both Kull and Conan I can honestly say that apart being a barbarian those two characters are nothing alike and I think I like Kull better, at least as a king (there is almost nothing written about Kull before he became king of Valusia)
    I'll answer on two axis.

    First, Howard himself decided to take "By this axe I rule" and rewrite it to "The Phoenix on the sword". He didn't simply changed some names, although both texts are similar. The author says his main character is learned, so Conan is learned.

    Second, there is more to Howard's work on Conan than two short stories about his early days and another about his kingship. Part of Howard's goal was to show that a barbarian would be a far greater king than any so-called civilized man. I don't have enough time to go through my books, so I'll just quote a couple of excerpts of "The hour of the Dragon":

    "Whoever called it into being knew how to cut it short at will," answered Conan. "So I know there was something planned and diabolical about it. Someone called it forth, someone banished it when the work was completed -- when Tarascus was safe on the throne and being hailed as the deliverer of the people from the wrath of the gods. By Crom, I sense a black, subtle brain behind all this. What of this stranger who men say gives counsel to Tarascus?"
    "I think I understand why you spared my life," he rumbled. "Amalric wants to keep me as a check on Valerius, in case the impossible happens and he becomes king of Aquilonia. It's well known that the baron of Tor is behind this move to seat Valerius on my throne. And if I know Amalric, he doesn't intend that Valerius shall be anything more than a figurehead, as Tarascus is now."
    Conan started as a cunning brute in his youth, but was past that point years before taking the throne of Aquilonia.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Anzu View Post
    I'll answer on two axis.

    First, Howard himself decided to take "By this axe I rule" and rewrite it to "The Phoenix on the sword". He didn't simply changed some names, although both texts are similar.
    "Let him make rhymes for the vultures.
    Kull shook his lion head. No, Brule, He is beyond my reach. A great poet is greater than any king. He hates me , yet I would have his friendship. His songs are mightier than my sceptre, for time and gaian he has near torn the heart from my breast when he chose to sing for me. I will die and be forgotten, his songs will live forever"

    Kull, By this Axe I rule, II Then I was the liberator, now, REH"

    Let him make rimes for the vultures.”
    Conan shook his lion head. “No, Prospero, he’s beyond my reach. A great poet is greater
    than any king. His songs are mightier than my scepter; for he has near ripped the heart
    from my breast when he chose to sing for me. I shall die and be forgotten, but Rinaldo’s
    songs will live for ever"

    Conan, Phoenix on the sword, REH

    Apart from some minor editing its exacly same text.

    Appreciation for poetry doesn't come from being learned. I think Conan got more cunning with years and more familiar with civilized ways, not necessary any more refined. But I think we have to agree to disagree here.

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    Indeed. I'll add that there's more to a text than a single quote, but meh
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    Lore #2 is my favorite, much more emotional and engaging than #1.

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    Please do # 1 and #2.

    If not possible, only #1

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    #lore2: is much more immersive and enjoyable to read, almost fitting books!

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    Choosing means eliminating.

    Not that I care much about lore, but do both.

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