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Thread: A fresh install from steam "The Update Process Did Not Complete Successfully"

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    Default A fresh install from steam "The Update Process Did Not Complete Successfully"


    Last night i downloaded a fresh install of aoc (after having some funcom points left over from tsw) and no joy. The patcher downloads a 17 meg file, and leaves a little green message it did not complete.

    The patch log file had messages about the patch hash not being as expected, and finally patchersetup.exe hash not being as expected.

    This is via a completely fresh install from steam!!!!

    Any attempts to update localconfig.xml didn't help, deleting the rdbindex didn't do it.

    Is anyone playing the game at the moment, or is it just a cruel joke?

    Thanks for any advice.

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    Cool Same with us

    The same happen with us. Luck for me out of 8 installs - we found one back from 2009 and it updated.

    This really nice bloke called Soltis contacted me in game and was kind to give me this information. He was also welling to get on to Teamspeak and wall me through the process.

    [Soltis]: go to your patcher log and in it it will say hash code didnt match patcher hash code @@@@. You have to copy the hash code in your patcher log to your local config file and save. this shoud then allow download

    There was also a post about the Local config - I will see if I can find it

    Hugs Nerissa

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    Default Fass

    Try to run conanpatcher.exe if that doesnt work try patchersetup.exe.

    And if that doesnt work try with a new localconfig.xml file
    just paste this into the localconfig file and save it as .xml
    I copy and pasted this post from FASS

    Hugs Nerissa

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