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Thread: AOC concept art (rare stuff)

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    Default AOC concept art (rare stuff)

    Behold this oh-so-epic thread made by Funcom concept artists

    In this thread you can also see alternative version of BR map and even more rare, never made The Dark Cathedral pvp minigame. Enjoy!

    Oh and I am trying to land an interwiev with Stian Dahlslett Concept Artist for ageofconan so perhaps we will be able to ask few questions about some of the art choices for AOC

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    Nice find, thank you. Those nude scorpion archers look super-creepy, wish we had some in-game mobs like that.

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    You, sir, deserve a sticky. And a cookie, but that's up to sezmra.
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    I don't remember having ever seen most of those images :/

    It's a shame FC couldn't market AoC more

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    Intresting that the concept art for House of Crom was there even at the start. Makes you wonder why it took so long for it to be released.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Drest View Post
    Intresting that the concept art for House of Crom was there even at the start. Makes you wonder why it took so long for it to be released.
    After stalking around Facebook they said house of crom was a large mammoth from bejing.. which makes me think it was developed in bejing. And another ex Dev said house of crom made it in after lots of cuts. I wonder how big that place was before cutting it all down. Ultimately what took is so long is because they cut down on their team, changed game director and the direction the game was going with giving common district and the stats overhaul. As the first build put on tl was pretty rough and looked like it was actually made in 2008 with old lighting tech... I guess a mix of all this.
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    Nice, I never really saw any of these concept arts of AoC.

    Does anyone know if there are any of the pictures from the old "feat trees" (I found 2 of them but not all)? After they got patched into the new feat window, every class got the same background picture, but every class had its own one before this update.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anzu View Post
    And a cookie, but that's up to sezmra.
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