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Thread: Legendary Cloaks

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    Default Legendary Cloaks

    Next month we will finally be able to claim the following Legendary Cloaks from WB quest:

    Ash Mantle of the Living Legend
    Demon Mantle of the Living Legend
    Infernal Mantle of the Living Legend
    Thunder Mantle of the Living Legend

    Now the big question is which one to pick. Thunder one is out of the question since I don't care much about armor, con, prot and immunity. It also doesn't have int/magic damage. Infernal does have magic damage but instead of additional DPS stats it has con and prot. That leaves us with Ash and Demon. Before update 4.4 I would go with Ash without thinking since it was clearly designed for HoXes (pure magic damage), but now that int (finally) affects BtD DoT I honestly don't know anymore. Sure, Ash has 80 magic damage and 480 CR(fire), but Demon has 169 int and that's 101.4 magic damage and with Will of the Sublime we also get additional crit bonus. And beside that BtD DoT doesn't get buffed with CR(Fire). Such a hard decision

    So what cloak will you guys pick on your HoX and why?
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    None. Killing world bosses on Crom is a weird idea.
    Those who do not engage in the boring action need a better cloak earned by raiding.
    • Remove daily rewards and the raid finder;
    • remove membership bonuses;
    • disable PVE XP for daily challenges;
    • remove WBs forever on Crom;
    • slow down the AA gain;
    • lower the PVP XP gain or remove the streak system;
    • remove AoE looting;
    • add the missing mobs back to Khesh., F. of the Dead, and Eigl. Mount.;
    • fix the 250+ms ping;
    • take the key away from Saddur;
    • revert T3, T3.5 (10.21.15), T4 (10.21.15), and GGG changes;
    • remove energy and add skills (like taunt) back.

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    Thanks for the reply Alan, now please go troll somewhere else.
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    Not a HoX expert, but I'll take the Ash Mantle - if only because it was designed for HoXes. Even if something doesn't really work right now, it might be fixed later.
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    I will go with the Ash Mantle. Why? Because the Demon Mantle is only a small improvement over the t4 cloak when it comes to magic damage and at the same time lacks hate decrease. The Ash Mantle on the other hand is quite the improvement over the Cloak of Crimson Slaughter which drops from the Demigod.

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    Choose between crap, an upgraded version of a cloak that no one uses, a slightly upgraded version of T4, or this beast that has Amras Pride, T4 and both PvP 3 dps cloaks combined in something that doesn't have anything close to it. Yeah. The min/maxer in me cries but I'm going to slap him in the face with a Infernal Mantle.

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    480 CR will net you more dps than 21 more magic damage.
    MagicDamage buffs your damage with Dots from BtD or Searing Hatred, HFB, Skull, Inferno, Spitfire, but white hits and combo damage also constitute a large portion of your damage.
    If you lean more to strength/CR this chunk gets bigger, if you lean more towards magicdamage it gets smaller.
    Key here is to find a good relation concerning CR and MagicDamage
    It would take a subtantial amount of time and log evaluation to find an empiric ratio, maybe its rather 1:10 or even 1:6.
    For me it is even unclear how much CR does both a combo finisher. there is a formluar for thtat but it includes combo animation length and there are no exact numbers for that.
    Personally i'd go with a ratio between CR and MagicDamage of 1:8 (somewhat derived from stat distribution on items).
    e.g. if an item would give me 70CR and the other 10 Magicdamage they were about equal in terms of damage.
    Lets say the first item would give 90 CR instead, then it would be superior imo.
    Looking at the legendary cloaks we have a ratio of 1:23

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    you can vendor ash mantle for 5-6 tin more than other capes, easy choice

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    get hit rating.
    all the damage in the world wont do any good if your combos are hitting empty air.

    Id go with the hit rating cloak.

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    I will probably go for the Infernal one since the cloak has to offer something when compared to the T4 mage one. If the Ash one had decent with hate decrease then I would seriously consider it, especially for being a decent HoX specific cloak.

    I'm on my way to full T5 armour (3/8 atm) so anything without hate decrease isn't good, unless when survivability is nice, hence the Infernal one.

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