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Thread: Column lightning more usefull

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    Default Column lightning more usefull

    Im talking about the pvp aspekt of the spell column Lightning and its to slow cast. My fawspell but its frustrating then players have all the time in the World to hide then you start the castinganimations. Some pro toses may say dont use it then but the thing is that if you take the Lightning way and sacriface so many things you better get some use of it. Please FC change the castingtime - 1 sek.

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    You want the devs to spend time coding changes for your style of play? I see I haven't missed much while away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by poke101 View Post
    Seriously? You want a powerful AOE shot to tick every second? What do you think you are? A Necro?

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    maybe i missed something, but i personally use the spell when the enemy players are close to me and bunched up because of the big column and splash attack that can hit them all and they cant LoS it.
    no point even starting the cast on a single player (with the exception of an open field and the player is about to die and sparks are on cd) when the enemy can easily run out of LoS...

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    I can understand the OP thing if the spell is 1sek cast but my point is...if you go the stormfield way what everyone tell you too use you get a feat that makes quicker cast on stormfield. It is a must have on that build.

    Maybe if you can get faster column if go lightning? It is right now a 2.5 sek cast and if you can do the same thing this way too and cut the casttime.

    But why change in tos tree again. Better cut it to 2 sek cast right away the tos need a boost. 0.5 sek can do the trick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrcorp View Post
    Seriously? You want a powerful AOE shot to tick every second? What do you think you are? A Necro?
    I talk nothing about ticks like necro. Cast time dude.

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    Damage is tied to the cast time, if you reduce cast-time, damage will be automatically decreased accordingly.
    Does a cast reduction time worth it in PvP ? I don't remember Column Lightning hitting high in PvP so i dropped it quickly.

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