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Thread: Let elite mobs on low level zones be normal mob

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    Default Let elite mobs on low level zones be normal mob


    Let's be honest : 99,99% group quests are pointless and undoable at the moment. I remember at launch in 2008 it was fairly easy to find a whole group with tanks & healers and do the quests, I did them all with my very first character back in the day.
    Today, most folks level their character alone, and I find it dissapointing to have to delete these quests as they look fun, even the places where you have to go (e.g. Conall's Valley, a huge part of the map with only Ymirs Elites).

    How many people trying to level up ask for a group in order to kill Torgrim but just fail because nobody is available? I think it will be a good and simple idea to convert those elites to normal mobs, and make these quests still have a meaning (and be useful to anyone) because as it is right now you need to be way higher level than them to complete the quest.... on your own. Which is in my opinion a bit silly (even you do it for a specific skin).

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    I'd rather have them be somewhere in between. Something that is a little too hard to kill solo, but doable with 2 or 3 people. Double damage and health of a normal mob perhaps. I know me and my friends would appreciate that kind of content when we were leveling, but also at level 80. That way you can do challenging quests with friends, without needing a strict group setup of 6 people with tanks, healers and DPS.

    This is in my opinion the kind of content that this game lacks. I don't play this game much anymore, but I would probably play it more if there was some actual content intended for small groups. The closest you get to this in AoC is probably East Ruins and Death Master Camps in Kheshatta. Large groups of mobs that are be tough to kill alone, encouraging group play.

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    well, start making friends and you can do the quests...of course random people aren't going to do low-level dungeons with a stranger

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    this is a must
    well, is discourging to try to do a quest as you lvl up and find that you need a group, the no one responds to the call and if they do is a bored lvl 80 that kill everything leaving the loot behind for you, i know thats great, but where's the fun? i mean, there are already epic zones, why do you put epic mobs in non-epic zones?

    at the end they realize how difficult is to find people to play with, they hate the fact that they can't continue the questline (which is one of my favourites, in conall valley) and they'll never gett those tasty blue rewards from the quest...

    i totally agree.

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    Even when I started, Conall's wasn't always easy to group for. You had some good people who would run them for lowbies. But those people have gotten pretty rare, and few people level in Conall's anyways except new Cimmerians. In most other places it's hardly noticeable except for an epic boss here or there that can be easily skipped.

    But for the most part, I feel open world elites are a bad design. Too much for the current population's sparse spread to take on when they have time for it unless they bring in high levels, which then negates the leveling aspect. If we wanted elites, there are dungeons.

    I think they converted SOME epic mobs back to regular in some least there were epic bosses I had to fight that were no longer epic.

    IMO the only places we should have epic open world bosses are the Prison Colony and the Chicken Handler.

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    actually, i would say that prision colony shouldn't be epic, that could help the lack of quest at lvl 70+ where many people get stuck, keshatta and Common district happen to be kind of hard at that lvl, and seriously, not eing able to find quests at you lvl feels like a slap in the face.

    we all went through this, and we know is not impossible, but is not about getting frustrated, this is a game, let the people have fun.

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    How about players start grouping up in an mmo instead of asking to turn last bits of muliplayer leveling quests into a solo experience?
    I'd like to see more group quests in open world!

    Few days ago my guildies and me started leveling new toons in group exclusively, so far we did most of Tortage and we plan to do all the instances up to lvl 80 and it is so fun and feels like a breath of fresh air comparing to HM/Unchained runs everyone are doing...

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    the problem is that in this level range the people is spread between connals, wild lands, khopshef and gateway to khitai, so it must not be easy to find people interested in doing those quests...

    so fc may just do like on fields of the dead, when they changed the mobs from epic to normal on the access to house of crom...

    after all, as you said, if you have a group of friends, and want to level up in epic mode, you can do it...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yawgmoth-VDN View Post
    after all, as you said, if you have a group of friends, and want to level up in epic mode, you can do it...
    We are not exclusively leveling in epic mode, my point is that it is good to have a variety in normal zones as an initiative to group up at low levels.

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    yes, grouping would be best... but if you're not in a guild already that also want to do that, you'll have to ask someone of higher level to come to clear the way for you to finish the quests, as most people do.
    even at lvl 80, is hard to find groups, takes ages and a lot of spam in global chat to get someones attention

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