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Thread: Conqueror or Dark Templar?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raczer View Post
    Well, considering you are not the most experienced player(due to 2 80s 1halfmeeleish) i would give guardian a look aswell! Yes its kinda "basic" but that isnt always bad you know. Think of it as an old car, you have what you need and nothing more. Also thoes things you have are very, very strong. Like counterweight 10% bonus crit chance and 2sec cd. Still gains fatalityes on assassins above 50%.

    As for pve also guard is the toughest! And has most h8. Last i checked thatd what you need to tank

    When it comes to DT and Conq you might see that i play conq. Yes i love the conq and i think its the best class. I will list some pros and cons below:

    -may deal loads of dmg(tali specc mgc armor)
    -funny ways to chain abilityes to gain Max out come
    -good cc when feated.
    -good healt regen

    -Many random procs that may or may not apply as you want.
    -Very slow, easy to get away from

    -Can be played in very many ways due to its good AA Perks and vert different feats.
    -Can also deal alot of dmg iffeated for it(carnage<3)
    -A good arsenal of different ccs
    -Some healt regen
    -challenging and might be a bit hard for less exp players.

    -unlike with DT you can't have too good dps and still be tough.
    -very many conqs around so i recomand going carnage as its not too many carnage conqs.
    -because of the brute bullds OPness many players will whine about you playing an OP class even if you play as carnage. There usualy isnt a that big difference between speccs and some peeps then think the class is OP when it actually is a perk used by brute conqs(battlefield commander)
    None of the things said about Guards is true. They have the lowest aggro amongst the three tanks so far and have probably the lowest survivability (maybe tied with Conqs, but it takes timing and more finger work then the bubbleboy Conq). Supposedly, you "shine" in magic fights (like 3 raid bosses in the game that qualifies with 1 of them in a raid that very few guilds do.) but really a conq who has the proper gear can be almost as effective. The only thing going for guards is predictability, which makes it easier on healers, since they're HP declines at a steady rate (conqs you have to do guesswork..did he use his bubble or not?..DT's..yeah..)

    BTW, don't count on the changes on TL to bring Guards up to par, much of it is rubbish. However, the counterstrike changes will help in PvP (probably).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valicard View Post
    but really a conq who has the proper gear can be almost as effective.
    you said it.
    Guards can reach high mitigation easily
    you're probably right about the agro but they can boost it fair enough, with the correct rotation of course.

    as far as i can say, guards are very stright forward towards tanking, as soon as they hit 80 they are ready to tank. even as a polearm guard.
    conqs may have bubbles but they don't help at all in magic fights, as some say before, getting a propper protection gear may take time, which is very important not only in the raids but in 6mans as well.

    i would recommend to play Conq, to many DTs nowdays, is hard to get into raids (tbh, conqs are hard to get into raids aswell)
    but being a conq is not only the part of tanking, or dpsing, being a conq is part support, part CC as you have a longer weapon range than most tanks with 2h, battle res and the longest distance res. fun to play solo, fun to pvp, fun to tank with it (may be hard at the begining)

    if you go DT, is ok, is a better tank imo, and you can tank and dps at the same time, is very gear dependant and having VoM is a must until you know how to replace it if it happens to be necesary (that i doubt)

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