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Thread: Changing the mouse cursor

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    Default Changing the mouse cursor

    Hi all,

    Everything is in the title.
    The mouse cursor in the game is ridiculously small and the grey color doesn't help at all.
    Any actual program/option/ui which enables changing it into a bigger and more colourful tool ?

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    Yes, I made one a while back that I'll release it to the community very soon. It was not made for this, but it allows for changing any original UI file, including mouse pointers.

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    Looking forward to that, Sifie. Thanks!
    Boyscout bearshaman

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    Cant wait. I lose the nouse sometimes.
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    Triple hurray for Sifie.
    I am fed up of loosing my pointer and draging moving life/end bars in strange corners of the screen because I cannot lock them and do not always see where i click

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    If Funcom turned off the file check for the cursor images it would be a 30 sec job to change how the cursor looks...

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    Default If You Didn't Find Out Already

    Here's the way to change to a custom cursor, you just need to do two things. First you need to find the custom cursor you want to change it to. Second you need to AOC quick start to "Allow direct start of Age of Conan without patcher" so the files you want to use won't be overwritten.

    I like to switch between the fireui and stonerune custom pointer files. Download your choice of cursor and then move them to the /Data/Gui/Default/GfxMousePointers/ folder. Then start the game without patcher and you're good to go.

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