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Thread: The Hot 5 -Dev Answers to questions

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    Funcom The Hot 5 -Dev Answers to questions

    Recently, we had time to chat with the AoC Development team and get some answers to questions you all have had.

    What is going on with Phase Three, that was supposed to happen last year?

    Because of the sheer enormity of this project, it has been pushed back indefinitely.
    Could you fix the "group bug" that makes it so that we can't group in a minigame?

    This is actually not a bug, unless we misunderstood what you were talking about.
    When will we see a crafting revamp?

    It is still being worked on, and since this is a large update, it will continue to take a while for development.
    Could you scale the raid quests down a bit so that they don't need so many people?

    There are no plans to do this at this time, however, we are looking into a 12 man dungeon in Dragon's Spine.

    Is there ever going to be an Anti-Cheat system?

    There IS an Anti-Cheat system, and we are looking into more modern upgrades for it.
    So, there you have it- answers to some of the more common questions in the forums. If you have a burning question, let us know here in the forums- or send Sezmra or Tomium a PM, and they will do what they can to get answers.

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    ffs, nobody at Funcom knows what the group - bug is?? Jesus ****ing christ

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    So much useless answers...

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    So basically nothing is going on down at FUNCOM.

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    Posting these answers is honest, but not not helpful to Funcom's cause.

    Devs... You seriously don't know about the grouping bug? Honestly? That's not even funny. Or sad. It's just... wtf!?
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    Group bug is when a minigame finishes and you're still in the minigame group and cant leave it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tomium View Post
    This is actually not a bug, unless we misunderstood what you were talking about.
    I truly appreciate you taking the time to answer these questions but I must warn you there are going to be so many laughs about this reply. This is literally the biggest bug currently in-game and has been for 3 years now and this company doesn't even know what it is lol

    *Edit* Nusquam saved the day
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    Well, the question wasn't very eloquently worded, but I think all who PvP know what the mini group bug is.

    When mini is done you are kept in the group and there is no way to leave it, preventing you to join PvE-groups and raids
    Only way to get out is to log off for approx. 10 minutes
    You can leave group by joining another mini, but once it is done you return to the bugged group

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    To clarify, the "group" bug the way it was worded to me was people were asking about the inability to make premades for minigames. Which is why they added a comment about clarification.

    Misunderstandings happen, the actual bug you are talking about is in our list of issues but seeing it is tied heavily into the community server - I can't give any estimates.

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    This thread made me really sad, I played this game from 2009 till 2014, enjoyed forum nearly same time but first time I seen fail like this, you guys answered for questions which one people just forgot long time ago, are you guys having fun these days??
    We will be Serious after death.

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