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Thread: Age Of Conan - Might of the East [ROTG MIX]

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    Default Age Of Conan - Might of the East [ROTG MIX]

    People always complain I did so few Khitai stuff. This time I mixed my old and new videos in four years into a Mega Rise of the Godslayer Expansion Mix.

    Special thanks to my super sin Yuki for helping in the video!!! And the epic T4 fights from Requiem Nex and Rogue Angels!!!!
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    Woot love Henry vids!
    Grandmaster Tos
    Rogue Angels
    Time Trial Vids

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    That was really pretty cool! Thanks for sharing that with us, HenryX!

    I loved the rooftop jumping and the courtyard battle scenes!

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    Really great stuff Henry! Thx
    Barb: Thomaran
    Hox1: Mweru
    Dt: Haikuju
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    Tos: Nephertites
    Sin: Leogetz
    Necro: Viggomortis
    and others...

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    some of our guildies play the game on lowest settings / no lighting effects. I'll make sure they see this so they have to upgrade to a decent desktop pc.

    Great video showcasing HenryX video editing skills and AoC engine.
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