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    Default hox vs barb

    I need some advice in terms of pvp. Seems most classes are okay to deal with but I really struggle against barb. Seem they can easily move away, at speed, from any CC i try (due to hox cc being slow and obvious) but also Im constantly slowed in some way. Im using ethreal escape and I have purge but these seem little use in this situation.

    I cant seem to rely on any combo due to their very long animation so leaves me with FB? not gonna do much on a barb with regen.

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    chains + spitfire + hfb

    And try to kite. Root is fast too. Some barbs wreck my face...others I can just kite and kill. It does feel like they only need to land about 3 combos on you to kill you though, Im hoping with a little more gear this will change.

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    Vs good barb its hard fight that is usually over very fast one way or the other. I dont count those times when you have PC on.

    Like konungr said you must kite like crazy. Land chains, spitfire and dont rush hfb, save it for some nice interrupt. If barb dont hit you he wont have regen so moving is your number 1 thing.
    As hox you must learn how to use cc since they are slow to land, still they can be useful.I usually use cc when im away from opponent and he is coming towards me. Vs barb its bit hard since he is anti cc machine. But if you time everything perfect and using enslaving fire (its nice for 1v1) it is possible to catch someone with fear and two stuns and barb can break only 2 of those in one fight.
    Also a must as hox is to learn to combo jump pillars. I cant stress this enough.

    Generally i found good zerker barb harder than hybrid or reaver. True they are doing much more dmg but are much squishier and dont have as much of cc's. If you keep your hfb for right time you can mess them completely.
    Double tapping incoming knock is also priority.

    Doing all this dont mean you will survive or beat every barb but it will help a bit. Have fun

    But to be honest I dont find barb as biggest threat, at least in minis. There are many classes that played by good player can cause you trouble. Good dt is imposible to kill if he running COI, good bs, pom, smart ranger or even bad and stupid one but at distance, sin...
    Hox life is tough since you are amongst favorite targets of many, best tip is to stick with some of teammates. Hox shines there.

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    Thanks for the tips.
    I tried the chains, spitfire kiting and saving hfb for interrupt and seemed a lot better! Still didn't get a kill as they run off before finish
    I'm not sure what is meant by flame combo jump? After first step of pillars I will usually reposition/ distance, if thats what you mean?

    Also double tapping helps and popping lode stone for what it's worth. Since kiting more in getting less snare which helps but soon as I'm snared or staggered I'm screwed as purge don't seem to remove that.

    Also I'm trying to stick with group but often after group engages I look around and they all run... Crom style

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    Find some experienced pvper to show you combo jumping.
    purge is removing snares but not stagger. Double tapping back can help some if you are staggered since you have chance to avoid some dmg and move away.

    I have a friend who is very good dueler with hox but cant get nice kills in minis. I watched him and he tends to solo to much. Find someone to run with, possibly healer and stick with him you will do much better. You help him with cc and dmg and you will get help to.

    And dont forget if you make barb run low on health it is also victory of its own. he is out of the fight for the time and you might even get kill credit later on when he is killed if you did most dmg on him.

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    Combo opener -> First combo step -> Jump -> Combo finisher while midair -> Jump -> Starts combo finisher midair. Since Pillars is AoE combo with awesome range you don't need to aim at all and rather concentrate on jumping and kiting in random directions. Super easy. HoX combos are so slow that jumping them all is worth learning to maximise your time on the move and get some distance after every combo, but Hell strikes etc. require [good] timing and aim to land contrary to pillars, though 2h range helps.

    I also try to sneak in a two step BtD when I get a CC in "if I'm winning", even if he breaks it you should be able to execute it and it helps quite a bit to finish the kill.
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    After 15min of practice I got it down...sweet...thanks for the tips man....altho found an easier way to do it (or rather to think about it)
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    People just don't want to invest time in an MMO. A true showing of ADD. I think AOC isn't a game for you if you just want to start out at max levels. You should try star wars, Call of Duty, AION, or any of the other instant gratification games.

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    That was a long winded explanation for "hit the last combo step and jump while the animation for the previous step is finishing."

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    Yep that's it lol
    People just don't want to invest time in an MMO. A true showing of ADD. I think AOC isn't a game for you if you just want to start out at max levels. You should try star wars, Call of Duty, AION, or any of the other instant gratification games.

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