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Thread: BB vs. Wolves

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    Default BB vs. Wolves

    With the change to Int now increasing BTD damage, is Wolves gear now viable for a HoX?

    Still not as much magic dmg compared to BB but you do get a ton more mana/stamina and mana/stamina regen. So you could spam spells/combo's more in wolves gear than you could in BB. Not to mention the 1200 more health in wolves over BB.

    Wolves gives you 1281 Mana, 1942 stamina, 3400 health, 256 Magic Dmg.

    BB gives you 0 Mana, 820 Stamina, 1816 health, 581 magic dmg.

    My concern with going wolves over BB is the hit rating and crit rating.

    BB gives you 205 crit rating, 320 hit.

    wolves gives you 90 Crit rating, 187 hit.

    The crit damage rating is about the same. Thinking here is, sure go wolves for high health and stamina/mana pools, but you wont be able to hit anything. Though I do wonder about the low health pool in BB gear, is it viable for soloing?

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    It's not remotely worth it. It was never really about the int versus magic damage - the copious amounts of crit and hit BB gives is far more valuable.

    Wolves is vanity.

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    It would be fun to try, but I still think BB will consistently parse higher.
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    Wolves is really a situational PvP set for the health it offers that some HoXes like. Dps-wise it doesn't land in the ballpark alongside BB, but it does alright damage for a Khitai set. You could definitely do worse, such as Jade or SC HoX sets.

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