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Thread: Necromancer Feats

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nephturi View Post
    Damage on the necro scales. I didn't have time yet to test it thoroughly, but most of the time, I get 300/350 damage. It once went up over 400.
    Scales with what? Mgc dmg? Mana? HP?
    Tried some tests including SW and getting the debuff and still was the same. And do not ever remember for this to have happened to me.

    Can you post a screen of the Combat log and how exactly you trigger it? Its quite interesting
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    I'll try As I said, I didn't have the time to test it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Angellis
    Off-topic: I would pay a lifetime sub if FC changed the name of Strike to Guard to the "Oh sh*t" combo! The tooltip could read: "The guardian realises they are now in over their head, and, having soiled themselves, are less likely to receive attention from their target."

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    Sticky well-deserved.
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