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    Will awesome new armors and weapons ever be developed and featured in AoC???

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    well, they were for coils, so I would say yes. Also, with PvP revamp, another yes. But if you're talking about something better than t4, here's all I have to say: Making better gear is just an arms race. Once they release T5 gear, and a few great guilds and their members have it on farm, what happens? More QQ, that's what. People without t5 will want it dumbed down, and people with t5 will want a harder challenge. There's a never-ending cycle of gear improvement, so asking for better gear is kinda defeatist IMO. What I would like to see is customizable gear, where you have the t4 budget and individuals get to decide what to spend it on. Want nothing but Mgc Dmg? fine- uber dps but poor survivability. That would make it so there really is customization in the game, and you have to make educated choices about how you want your gear to turn out.

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    customizable gear in AoC would make the mighty King Conan himself smile greatly folks!

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    I think they already stated that T5 won't give much better stats that T4, but something different. Like it's gonna be for pvp T4.
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