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Thread: Suggestion Thread V.2

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    Default [PvP] [PvE] Spells Purchased With Feats

    Some of the spells purchased with feat points, particularly the demonologist spells "Living Firestorm," "Living Thunderstorm," and "Agonizing Jolts" (but there are others for other classes), are not very useful and are rarely seen. This is just a suggestion to improve them so that they are worth sinking the points into.

    One idea of something that might work:

    Living Firestorm has the same area as maxed out Inferno of Amher, can be moved and commanded to attack, slows enemies caught in the area, deals constant damage over time, stacks devouring flames on damaged enemies, and applies a debuff over the area that causes enemies to take increased fire damage from all sources.

    Living Thunderstorm has the same area as maxed out Shockblast, can be moved and commanded to attack, unleashes periodic blasts of lightning on enemies in the area, slows enemies struck by the blasts, and applies a debuff over the area that causes enemies to take increased lightning damage from all sources.

    They could each last about a minute, and only one of them could be active at a time. Greater demons could not be commanded while commanding a Living Firestorm or a Living Thunderstorm, and the pet with its effects would be at least temporarily dispelled during the effect. Imps could still be summoned and commanded however, making them potentially more useful.

    It would also be nice if they could have visuals to match their effects, something like a whirling pillar of flame for Living Firestorm, and a roiling, crackling, dark mist for Living Thunderstorm. That would just be icing on the cake, though.

    For Agonizing Jolts, maybe give it 25 range instead of 15, and make it deal noticeable damage, perhaps with a small area of effect instead of just a single target.

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    Factions are pretty much useless now, they take too long time and resources...
    Lower the prices and faction grind, at least the gold requirements.

    all raid tiers has a weapon vendor, why not this one?
    make a t3.5 weapon vendor

    [Unchained modes]
    some people are unaware of this content, what it gives, what it takes. everything too random and takes much time to make it worth it
    Make a vendor for this items with some kind of token that only drops in UC modes.

    Raidfinder is make every other content useless being this the easier way to get to t4 gear in no time.
    put a 2h cooldown before the next raidfinder's raids, to avoid excesive farming. make the current content great again!

    [this game]
    Do something for AoC, i know you are putting all efforts in CE and SWL, but this game also needs a little bit of love, just a little, im not asking for new content, or class revamps, not even the broken promises, only some things to make the game more enjoyable while it lasts...

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    [PvP] add dexterity based sword or hammer with protection for pvp, not everyone wants to grind pve when they want to pvp most specially as a ranger.

    [PvE] make deadly draw perk damage over time component able to do critical hits to fix the cheap dps ranger has since it's numerous nerfs due to demonologists, necromancers and assassins paper classes complaints in pvp, then remove the "critical chance increase on penetrating shot" part of the perk for pvp. it is a rogue class mainly single target and as such should at least reach the same dps as a dark templar (soldier) with t4 gear on a strawman.

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    Drop Atlantean Shards in Slithering Chaos. 20 each boss for everyone and one jar of 50 that is rolled on. We now have two RF rings minimum, possibly up to 6 for DT if so inclined. A minimum of 4 gems, up to 12 if you have three pairs of rings. That's a whole lot of raid finding on it's own.

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    [General] Shut down the game and give all current AoC subscribers a free conan exiles copy.
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    Make hox t5 boots the same as t5 poms but with obvious colour change they look like big black socks (terrible)

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    [Items/Pets]+[Misc] What about unlock cosmetic items(vanity items,veteran items), pets, mounts, cross account. This model works perfect in GW2.
    Its unpleasant and dissuasive to pay everything again, again, again for all your characters.
    Well, microtransactions....

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    Change despawn timer for Nightmare Bubbles in Paikang. Should be at least one minute.

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    Add higher tier token converter t3 t4 t5 .... Leave t6 out for obvious reasons (best gear in game) but don't make it cheap like example 2 t3 tokens 1g 50s = 1 t4 token 3 t4 tokens 2g = 1 t5 ....I currently have 200 t3 tokens with F all to buy with them

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    [pve] need low the price for Khitai's items, now them are too much expansive compared to the T4 gear. F2P can be full T5 (10g items) but cannot be full khitai (12/14g)
    [pve] fix for balance the stats on Khitai's weapons now pratically unusefull, for example critical rating on 2HE barb and prot on 2HE conq (just for do one example)
    [pve] remove T3/4 relics and rares from the blue chests Raidfinder and put one cooldown 2 or 4 house on it as it is for any other content in game. RF as is now, focuses all the attention on itself, with people that is them 24/24 7/7. This empty and make unusefull all content T4 or less in game!
    [pve] add one WB vendor or add WB's items in sold to proper vendor T3 for right amount of T3 relics + WB Portent relics
    [pve] fix the old Tier's vendors for sell all weapons/accessories, as is for PvP (1 accessories vendor with all accessories tiers, 1 weapons vendor with all weapons tiers).
    [pve] add T3.5 weapons vendor as there is one for each raid (except T6 for obvious reasons)
    [pve] fix balance on T5, tactics are nice and funny but ihmo, excessive resistence of the bosses, make the fight too much long, increasing the length of the fight unnecessarily, which increases the chances of mistakes in addition to making the fight too much repetitive, atm T6 is easier than T5 imho and except for the rune, there are few resons for be there from when the armors are nerfed without complete set bonus (putted on rune, now).
    [pve] also if you dont want work on AoC anymore, we know we will not gain new dungeons/raids, give us at least some new unchained, that should be easy work cause you already have the dungeons. Sanctum Unchained, Black Castle Unchained for example and one Onyx Unchained or fix it with old drop-rate for who love collect T0 skins
    [pve] add atlantean shards on normal raids to revitalize those content (1 shard for each boss T1, 2 shard for each boss T2 ... 6 shards for each boss T6 etc.)
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