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Thread: Suggestion Thread V.2

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    Coils and sepulcher are great dungeons (I have not seen the new boss yet) but no one farms them due to the gear being worse than khati epic. These dungeons are the hardest ones in the game, yet drop mediocre gear while farming flame/vortex 100 times gets you better gear. The only worth while piece is the talisman that has around 250 protection. If they dropped gear better than khati epic, (maybe even a bit better than t4 because you need a t4 tank for last boss in sepulcher) far more people would farm these dungeons.


    Generally I think more competitive gear (T4 quality or better) can drop from the more difficult dungeons. There are lots of people who prefer not to play with 23 people, especially when one person could wipe us all.

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    Allow vanity gear in minis please.
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    Smile Suggestion!!

    Please add T3.5 Accessories and Weapons to the vendors at Coast of Ardashir :: Collectors

    So i can purchase them with T3 and T4 Relics

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    Remove breakable boxes, loot only for the characters that killed the boss

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    Default Saddur and the key

    Saddur and the key
    Suggestion: put the key back where it was originally in the AoC game, container next to the beast in the ruins.
    Reason: I think it takes away from the game experience, specially for new players. This is one of the best parts of the first hour of the game.

    The ruins, where the creature is, sets the mood for the rest of the game, having the Picts living amongst ancient ruins of Acheron and the mix of heroic and dark fantasy elements, is a perfect into for a new players to the rest of the game, all condensed into the small area. Visually it is also one of the more striking parts of the first hour of the game.

    Also the dialog makes no sense (see video), Saddur is trying to convince you to go get the key from a creature, then you kill him and he has the key ?!?!? ....if he has the key why didn't he just open the gate? why did we just have this conversation about me getting the key?

    Side note: if the goal was to let players skip though content why not just give players that option on the beach (or character creation) to skip ahead, even skip the first 20 levels of the game.

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    [Loyalty rewards]
    -Conqueror's crown looks ugly, try to make it like the circlets, do not remove the hair
    -Royal war steed is too OP - make it only for lvl 80s and with adv riding skills... is stupid to have it since lvl 1 any other mount is useless in comparison... khitai mounts should be better because the time and effort put on them... or at least equal
    -facemarking should have more than 1 color to choose from
    - royal dragon elite armor set should look depending on the class, its silly to see mages using heavy armors...
    -Shadow of zath remove it please (also remove the yothian mount, they are terrible...

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    Would love to see cosmetic weapons and shields (for the classes able to use shields).

    You could even sell cosmetic weapons and shields in the store or offer them on the gilding merchant. Either way I know lots of folks that would really like this added.
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    - pvp

    Make t4 weapons buyable for minigame tokens!
    Or just implement t4 pvp gear with more than 1 choise of weapon.
    Mabye those OP runes aswell?
    Kraamz dt pvp10
    Kramzor hox pvp10
    Quickdash guard pvp7
    Kramzz bs pvp5

    Pressostate conq pvp5

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    Optimize the wild lands, its been left for far too long!

    Increase leather drop rates

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