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Thread: Suggestion Thread V.2

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    [Misc] Move the servers back to EU. The majority of players are closer to EU than US. If you play during the evenings for US time, the server is quite dead (Crom). Every time I have to PvP with over 100 ping just because it is a bit cheaper for your maintenance costs, I have more desires of quitting the game for good. It's like playing football with just 1 leg.

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    Default All the Different types of Tokens but why.

    You guys keep putting in new tokens left and right in the game. We have veteran tokens that are building up and a ton of others. But everything is in your shop to buy with funcom points.
    1. Reduce your Subscription cost since everything seems to go in the shop.
    2. Remove some of the useless tokens that are just building up or add things to veteran tokens and others Example: new bags. The gilding tokens are useless Should be removed and put in something that everyone can use.
    3. Think before you add a new token or something useless in game.
    4. Items are random scatter, have to look at vendor A for item x... Not there go to vendor B for item X. Stupid IMO

    I understand Funcom might be having money issues but if you going to charge as much as you do for a sub and than throw all the nice stuff in your shop to bleed our wallets.
    We all might as well quit this game. Games are ment to be played to have fun. Not bleed wallets or work you brain to death after a hard days work. If this is how you build you games Maybe this is why the flop. You guys add things to the game and it like broken glass you make the spider webs larger and keep beating down negative broken roads that are/is unattractive to players. Step back and stop the confusion and bring the game back to a solid road.
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    [PvE/pets] Add some sort of way to tell us which pets we have fought already in the arena, because I've lost track of which ones I have fought, and I have over 100 pets, and I would like to just fight the ones I might have missed.

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    [PvE] Achievements: add the resource and gathering zone bosses and group instances (eg Frost Swamp) to the achievement system.
    I could understand why they were not initially part of Achievements as Funcom had plans to revamp the entire crafting system including those zones, but now that has been abandoned these zones, bosses and instances can be added to the system.

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    Default [Items/Pets]

    Please make the dancer pets (the blue drop from the world boss) tradeable or at least more common. It is close to impossible to complete the achievment with the current drop rate.

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    [Interface] Player and PvP window - Player search and Group Search - some zones are missing from the Regions' list so they can not be searched in these two menus, eg Thoth-Amon Stronghold (upper), Tier five and tier 6 raids, also some dungeons.
    I suggest that the regions list ingame is reconciled with the actual regions list and the missing instances are added.

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    Nerf the Magma Dragon! lol. It's a serious PITA on my guard.

    The arena pets are a stroll in the park for a DT, I frenzy tanked all of them. My carnage conq mowed down all before her but my guard struggles with a few pets due to the fact fights have a timer and the link/balance between high dps/survivability. I've been trying different builds, feats, stances, switching back and forth between stances mid fight etc and I'm either too squishy with good dps or I've more survivability and less dps but run out of time. I can do over 1000 dps on it (polearm) but obviously survivability is an issue especially the protection stats.

    Clearly, in the current pit arena set up, some toons have it far easier than others.

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    Default Compilation of Suggestions and Feedback/Bugs/Issues

    1 - Suggestion


    * Increase horse speed by 20%, sprint speed by 35% and total sprint time to 40 seconds. (Player can sprint during 14s while horses can only sprint during 10s seconds. Joke?)
    * Increase Mammoth/Rhino/Other Big Exotic Mounts speed by 15%, sprint speed by 30%, total sprint time to 40 seconds.
    * reduce casting time a bit. (Seems like slow motion.)
    * reduce base stagger by 50%. (Is very easy to go to the ground.)


    * Increase dual wielding attack speed, and increase two-handed attack degree and range. (Much better balance and unique play style.)
    * Increase ranged attack distance by 50% to bows/crossbow/spells.
    * Allow to shoot with bows while in movement. (Maybe with a penalty of -5% hit rating.)


    * Increase the number of Boozed Bully pirates to 10 inside the Rum and Rumble Tavern and raise their level to 19. (See image:


    * Remove the gold limit to the owners of the expansion: Rise of the Godslayer.

    2 - Feedback/Bugs/Issues


    * Unable to use bow and crossbow properly while riding a mount. (See image:
    * Unable to open the main gate of the Tortage city while riding a mount. (See image:

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    * Buff Locker of Absolution to 188 additional slots in backpack, so we can have 200 slots, instead of 188 (176 slots from locker + 12 slots from default space).
    * Item of the day with 50% off / item of the week with 30% off.


    * Allow all three soldier classes to use two-handed swords, polearms, dual wielding swords and shields.

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