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Thread: Suggestion Thread V.2

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    The Child of the Goat morph is actually pretty cool. I'm not a fond of morph usually, but this one, despite its poor resolution texture, is fun to toy with. Having an illimited version on the in-game cash shop would be quite nice.
    Fun fact : Not actually the same guy as the player named "Jaedelyia" in-game. Never though I would one day encounter a guy with the same nickname as this one.

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    Default [ Everything ]

    Give players a stiped of Funcom credits each month they subscribe to premium.

    Create a way to have AOC work as 1st person perspective all the time, especially in combat - casters and melee.

    Add a mechanic to allow players to choose RP-PVP, PVP or PVE upon entering each playfield, similar to how we have Normal/Epic before entering.

    Overhaul PVP system and give love to players who PVP but dont rush through/skip PVE for it. (Many of us enjoy both, and fluctuate between how much or how little they participate in each.)

    Make Shrines of Bori for players level 60-79, and then both BKs and border to kush are for sieges and world pvp - but for only level 80s.

    Promote and Advertise a new expansion (that will essentially be AOC 2.0 with every aspect of the game getting something new or updated for the better) to get "FRESH BLOOD" into the game.

    Hire a team of GMs so that there are multiple GMs online at all times, who monitor both the public chat channels, ingame yells/says in playfields/cities, and the AOC forums. Give them real power and real incentive to want to weed out the problems.

    Create and release an expansion(digital downloads, box, coll edition and a combo pack of all dlcs, base game, Godslayer and new xpac) - 20 more character levels, more pvp levels, more playfields (maybe have a new open pvp area)

    I would love to see a new playfield for open world pvp, but one with repeatable quests for non-pvp lovers to participate in without being full on pvp mode - like seige weapons and stuff, but like bori - this time, they have real battlekeeps and what not.

    Or they can expand the current battlekeep maps and add more with a better siege system

    Update and enhance the siege system, all open pvp playfields and bori areas - make it easier for players of all levels to help their guild and have MORE battles daily, where u can hire NPC merc fighters to help you fill in gaps if you are outnumbered or something.

    AOC sieges + Warhammer "lake t2-t4" pvp + Elder Scrolls Online sieging/faction pvp at endgame + epic epic stuff

    I know the second coming of AOC can happen. I hope.

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    PVE - Enable equal ways for all players to acquire end game gear. With each level of play having it own speed of progress.. Solo (slow) 6 mans(mid) and Raids (Highest Advantage). Planed well this will keep players attention, they have the ability to be equal to other players, even in spite of a real life. Not having to depend on Already advanced players to carry them. In spite of any events outside Game.. they will pay to play and be able to progress and keep up at a slower rate but still be informed in the game.

    Increase Free to Play accounts to a 50g bank.
    A account that has been under a subscription at any time should have 100g and all bank slots open. When gone FTP.

    Free to play an Subscription players should have a free 45 quest holding.. Yet a increase to quest bank of 100 would be nice. So one doesn't have to delete any quest they may have or are working on plus more. This may also help any new players see more of the game and not run around crazy with limited quest bank space.

    Pvp and Pve Separate tabs. So pvp quest will not be rejected if the current quest log is full. So one does not have to delete a current quest being worked on. Mini game quest log - Due to the path of the vanquisher.

    PVP- Cheat detection program.

    Some new 6 vs 6 maps.
    Last man standing maps..

    An a how about Tier 4 Pvp gear.

    Mini game quest log - Due to the path of the vanquisher.
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    Default Ignored-list

    I added two headers: category and date
    I added button on bottom which merges all characters ignore lists and forces them to use new one. Backup is stored locally.

    /ignore Ignored reason

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    Default PVP mini AFK kick

    AFKers is major depressor in minis, here's my two solution candidates.

    1. System auto-kick players who for 1,2,3? minute either do not do or receive any damage.

    2. System teleport afkers to middle of area with hide removed.

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    [Items/Pets] I would love to see the pets and mounts in the Item shop have an account wide option. The lack of that is the main thing keeping me from buying them.
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    [Items] Please remove the class restriction from the Clan Vigdis rings, or at least make Bitter Steel-Band (the one with strength & combat rating) purchasable for all soldiers, too.

    [Misc] Remove cooldown from the Quick Dismount ability.

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    Default [pve]

    [PVE] some new instances/dungeons for 6 man groups would be Nice, maybe also with an option like extreme hardcore mode for 12 man groups that would unlock a new area in the instance/dungeon..thnx/ s, keep up the good work

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    Simple suggestion and in my opinion simple to add in the game : delete some class restrictions for races.

    For example Khitan being the only race able to be both mages and soldiers, while Stygians can only be mages and not soldiers. Meanwhile you see an army of stygian NPC warriors in the game.

    It would not only be great, but also add some replayability for people like me that had played Age of Conan since it's official release.

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    The Pit masters arena

    1. Make opponents are “red’ for each other.
    Coz its really catching by surprise, when “green” target is attacking “you”
    Same when u viewed from the side – two “mobs” are fighting without any dmg.

    2. Reduce animation for cages.
    It gives advantages for those classes who have charge ability. They have attack when u still in cage.
    3. Make a duels when player + pet vs other player + pet.
    So it can be another (3rd) faction.

    The Shadow of Vanaheim

    1. Remove bindings rings for classes.

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