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Thread: Suggestion Thread V.2

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    Default Vanity

    Make all vanity armors that drop from the WB sellable -or- bind on account... IF you're going to take the time to pursue farming the WB, it would be nice to get a reward that you can do something with after each encounter, not have to delete it.

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    [items] Remove class restrictions from Clan Vigdis rings.

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    Default [PVE] Lower the cooldown of missions on Rage

    Lower the cooldown of quests on Rage (B&G) servers. There is not much to do on Rage. I have looked for months for there to be enough level 80 players on to do a Raid and you know even then not all 24 of them would do a Raid. So Raid content is not possible on Rage realistically and I find it hard to level my character with other than solo content. Vanaheim is fun, but too low rewards for the time spent so you wouldn't do it very often. What Rage needs is content for solo or small groups, but level one and two gear is all 24 player Raid or Khitai versions. Would be nice to see some of these old Raids made into Unchained Solo versions for some type of token based system. Anyway, nothing to do right now so I am off.

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    Default [PvP] Blood & Glory

    Again, so very few players on Rage, Blood & Glory, it might draw players back if the PvP XP rewards for solo dueling in the open play fields were higher than on normal servers, like 3x -5x higher. That's kind of in the spirit of the B&G servers anyway to offer better straight up PvP.

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    [Misc] I'd like to see a few things.
    -revamp the combo system with an optional alienate combo system. Like you activate "combo mode" and then just key in the patten for whatever combo you want.

    -Bring back hair and cloth physics
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    [PVP]Allow grouping for minigames

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    re-launch the game with full voiced quests and NO open-field pvp, that killed this game.
    make it B2P+expansions and forget anything about "balance" for a while.
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    Default PVE-Reduce the amount needed for Milestones Quest

    Making it repeatable might have been a good thing but its almost impossible for a new char to get a ring because every member of the group needs on the symbols all the time no exception. And the drop rate from mobs is astronomically low. Quest needs a significant reduction, 37 is just too much. At the rate one of my alts get 1 symbol, getting a T4 ring from Zodiac is more of a reality than getting a Cang-Jei ring. And the game has better things to offer than killing 100 Harmless Quillins in Paikang, that is just not fun.

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    I'd like to be able to share gained tokens across my account...with all the toons I have, getting them geared is a forever issue, with a job and family and all.

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    Lets start a KICKSTARTER campaign Funcom AGE OF CONAN 2! we need it, new dx12 engine, instead of monthly fee charge for every new dungeon/raid.

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